Companies On the Way

Me Today!
cleaning lady
Yes, company is on the way so I had no choice but to clean the house today.

Tim’s mother and sister are on there way up from Michigan. My MIL has an apartment with us and will be staying for a while now.
They will be traveling HWY 17  North.
It is a gorgeous drive with much of it being along Lake Superior.

Winter Jan-2014 017

This photo is from the trip down to Sault Ste. Marie that Tim and I made six weeks ago. I can only imagine how much higher the banks on the side of the road are now.
Winter Jan-2014 013
This is a photo of Lake Superior. As many of you know we lived on the lake until this last June.

Oh, I can’t tell you how much I miss looking out my window and seeing the beautiful Gitche Gumee.
Winter Jan-2014 001
The trees were really snow laden and beautiful the last drive down too.
I sure hope Tim’s mother and his sister have a beautiful, sunny day travelling as we did.

This will be my last post for this week.
I’ll be back to visit all of you next week!

20 thoughts on “Companies On the Way

  1. Family times are so important ,enjoy your time together. those photos will bring memories and nostalgia, but you can visit, and see it all over again with new eyes. cheers from Jean.


  2. Enjoy your time with family! It's always good to have company and how good that Tim's mom will be staying with you for a while. (My grandmother used to travel from each child's home to the next. I loved it when it was our turn to have her.)


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