How to Make Cloth Flowers

Good Morning Friends!
Today I want to share with you my very first of Spring Flowers.
 Yes, it’s not just you Southern ladies who have beautiful flowers to lift their spirits after this longggggg Winter.
flower pillow
Okay, these are my Spring flowers!
I have decided that since it will be three months before I get to see any real Spring flowers, I will make my own.


This is what I started with.
I luckily stumbled across a Quilt shop a couple of weeks ago in a small town that’s an hours drive from where we live.
DSCF7374 (2)
First I made two flowers by cutting several different sizes of circles. Some I folded over twice, some four times to add together to form the top flower. Then I cut the under flowers each a little larger until I had four flowers atop one another.
Very easy!
I added a swirly in the centre of each.
Lastly I created a vase, which I decorated with leftover fabric, ribbon, and buttons.
The final result is another t-towel pillow to add to my t-towel pillow shams.
And an easy way to brighten our Winter bedroom.
Now I have all kinds of ideas for creating Spring flowers for our home.

I got the idea from a shop on called Tracy B Designs.
This ladies work is so…. pretty and imaginative and reasonably priced.

38 thoughts on “How to Make Cloth Flowers

  1. This is very “springtime colours” indeed, and a great way to do flowers, you are inventive indeed. One hour to a fabric shop, if that were me, I'd need to stock up big time, not only food, but the necessities of fabric and plunger coffee!! before winter and snow covered roads set in!!! Cheers, Jean.


  2. Now how can you think of so much awesomeness – like to know your secret in coming up with such nice ideas.. “do you sleep at night” – wink! Lovely pillow of Spring goodness – the colors are eye catching – thanks for the steps. Now I need a sewing medicine…Hugs


  3. Hi Kimberly, I agree that spring is just too far away-I love your flowers and the fabrics are wonderful. WE are supposed to hit 65 degrees today, be still my heart, but have had a wave cloud roll in and I doubt we'll even hit 50. Hope you are staying warm.Hugs,Noreen


  4. This pillow is so fun! I love the cute designs on the fabric you used and the simplicity of the design. The color is just the right pop against the white and the swirly centers just make it fabulous 🙂


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