It is late, no it’s actually early in the wee hours of the morning. But I wanted to share with you some changes that are coming my way soon.

yukon 3 008

I wanted to share with you that Tim and I were going to be heading to the Yukon once again. I didn’t mention it until now because I wasn’t sure of the time frame of our leaving nor the location where we were going to be living this trip out.
yukon 3 032
We have decided this time we will venture as far West as we can in the Yukon, right along the Alaskan border.
We have visited this area before, so it’s not unfamiliar to us. But now we will really be able to investigate it well!
Beaver Creek trip 026 (2)
It was on one of our trips to the Alaskan border that I was able to capture this photo of what I call the dancing bear.
And no, this was not the bear that was on his way to eat my hubby!
Do you remember how I scared him with the car horn?

Moose 013 (2)

That summer was a wonderful one for wildlife siting.
I hope this one will be too!
I’ll be back soon with more details. We still have a few weeks before we leave…..

Hope you have a great Monday!


29 thoughts on “Changes….

  1. Oh wow, Kimberly, you're off on another adventure to the north! I know you liked it up there for it's beauty and lifestyle. Will this be a seasonal move or permanent? I wish you all the best whatever the duration and can't wait to hear more. Blessings. Pam


  2. Sounds like a great adventure to me. That is close to that bear…too close for me. Yikes. Blessings, xoxo,Susiep.s. what are you going to do to your husband this trip…to get his heart to racing.??


  3. Hello Kimberly,Gosh, this sounds like a great adventure to us. A bear encounter would surely be quite amazing….especially if you dare to get close enough to take a photograph!How wonderful it will be to let your spirits roam free in that sublime countryside. This has got to be better than any medicine for restoring one's well being. We are sure that you will have the most marvellous of times…..excitement must be mounting already!


  4. You're always so full of surprises that I shouldn't be surprised when you spring a surprise. It's got to be a fun life that you and Tim have chosen as you do it over and over again! Have a blast and all the best with the preps.


  5. Kimberly, you are always full of surprises and it sure keeps us on our toes. The thought just occurred to me that perhaps you should keep a journal and write a cool would that be?Blessings to you my friend on this new adventure. Looking forward to you keeping us updated. xo


  6. How fascinating! My husband has always wanted to see Alaska and the wild places, I am less enthusiastic because of bears. I have been terrified of them ever since I read of a bear attack in my grandmothers Reader's Digest as a kid. Lol. I will enjoy sharing the experience through your blog, watch out for bears!


  7. This will be such a wonderful time, and spring to summer, super skies, lovely sunsets, and wildlife I can only imagine. I'm sure we will see some super photos of your trip. Cheers, Jean.


  8. Hi Kimberly, is this going to be a vacation or a home move? What happened to you going to be moving back here to SSM? I wish you all the best in whatever you do. Hugs, Chris


  9. Your song is truly “On the Road Again”. I'm happy you take us along for the adventure! Safe journey, oops! first you have to pack, ugh! That's not the fun park!


  10. Hi There, We are home from George's fabulous birthday trip. I will blog about it tomorrow. It was truly a trip we will be talking about for a VERY long time!!!! Oh you lucky girl… Being able to travel to beautiful areas is so so so special. You two are so lucky that you can do that… Do it while you are young and can really enjoy it… I know you will. I'm SO happy for you.Hugs,Betsy


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