Blue Birds To Embroidery


As many of my faithful followers know I have a large collection of embroidery patterns from the 1940-1950’s.
I had thought I might sell them on Etsy, but instead have decided I would rather share them with my readers.
After all, I feel like I know many of you better than I know my neighbours.
 And I would never consider charging a neighbour for use of one of my patterns!


I have many patterns like these sweet Blue birds to share.
I would love it, friends, if you would let me know what patterns you would like me to share first.
I have t-towels, pot holders, aprons, dresser scarves, pillow case edgings, baby bibs and quilts . I really have more than I can list!
Please give me some feed back so I can start offering patterns that you might like first.
Be sure to drop by tomorrow I have something I bought that I want to show with all of you.
See you then…..
I will be partying here:

17 thoughts on “Blue Birds To Embroidery

  1. The bluebirds are so sweet and I like the tea towel with Saturday on it too. I don't do embroidery, I'm just admiring yours. I have a collection of tea towels with flowers, birds, etc. as well. You are kind to share. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing them! I love the vintage embroidery patterns. I really like those blue birds and I love pillowcases and dresser scarves and anything really. You have such good taste…you choose! Thanks again!


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