More Family Fun


This is our son’s latest family portrait.
I think it turned out so cute!
I am a wee bit bias though…
Since it was too cold to play outside with the boys we opted for a visit to the Children’s Museum in Traverse City.
It was a good place for them with all kinds of play areas for children their ages.
Little Brig liked this slide better than anything else there.
The poor little guy did end up falling on his Tony the Tiger quite a bit though!
WE went to Apple Bees for lunch and then home to play and watch the new DVD we had bought for Reece.
Tim and I had so much fun with these little guys.
It’s hard to think we won’t be seeing them for six months now.
We will be stopping in Alberta, where our oldest son lives with his family, on our way to the Yukon.
So we’ll get to spent time with his children soon too.
Time now for the grand finale of Canada’s Handy Man Challenge on HGTV.
Do you watch it?
I’ve been following it right from the beginning,
I guess I’m just a sucker for these competitions!
Have a good Wednesday-Kimberly


23 thoughts on “More Family Fun

  1. Well you were a stones throw from me when you were at Applebees. I'm so sick of winter I could scream! I am anxious to see the ground again. I've never watched Canada's Handy Man Challenge. I fell off from watching HGTV because I got sick of all the repeat real estate home shows. I'll have to check it out- providing it plays on our HGTV channel?


  2. What cuties you have! It is always so much fun to spend time with Grand kids!! I'm a pretty faithful HGTV watcher and never seen the Canada Challenge. Wonder if they don't air it here? Hugs!!


  3. Such a cute family! That littest one sure looks like his daddy. 6 months is long…I KNOW you will miss them, but thank goodness for instagram and texts with daily pictures and videos if you want them huh? Enjoy your day!


  4. Glad that you are having good times with family. We get to be with our family soon and I can't wait. We're taking an Alaskan cruise together. We will make stops in Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway. This will be our first time there and are super excited!


  5. What a beautiful, beautiful family, Kimberly. I am so glad that you are able to spend some time with them as you are preparing to head to the Yukon. I, of course, am partial to the little red heads in the family!;>) Blessings for safe travels for you- Diana


  6. What a pretty family! Those boys are adorable! Six months seems like a long time but thank goodness we have Skype and internet to stay in touch now. You'll have them back in your arms before you know it:>)


  7. Hi Kimberly,How wonderful to be spending such quality time with your son and his family; they're lovely! You must be one happy lady right now; enjoy!!Poppy


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