Apron Inspirations

  Oh my goodness, I went to pinterest for apron inspirations and I was quickly overdosed!
There are so… many pretty and creative apron styles and patterns that I didn’t know which one to choose.
Just for fun I numbered each one so you can tell me which one is your favorite.


Now, if one of the aprons that are listed with pinterest as the source happen to be yours, please let me know.
 I will be happy to link it back to you.
You can’t imagine the time I’ve spent trying to find the original source for each one of these aprons!
Sadly, every road led back to pinterest.
 I almost forgot to show you the fabrics that I bought to make my own new aprons.
The kitschy one at the top is my favourite!
Let me know which apron you like best.
This is a big decision for me, you know.



25 thoughts on “Apron Inspirations

  1. Hard choice…guess I'll say #4 and #6 IF it had a bib. Lovely fabrics, too!Pinterest is such a pain when people don't link to the actual source. I have tried to clean up my links, but it's like playing Whack a Mole. I try not to think about it.


  2. Wow what a hard choice! But I do love the one at the top too. I also really, really like number five. I could see myself wearing that one out in the garden.Perfect for holding things in the pockets. I also love your material. I think I need to find some apron patterns. 🙂 My girls wear them all of the time and I just love watching them go around the house in their aprons. Have fun I can't wait to see yours finished.


  3. They are all so darling. I love the fabrics you chose and my fav is the top one as well. As far as the aprons go…they would all be cute in that fabric but I like #1 and #5 the best. I think #6 is really cute but would look better in one of the other fabrics. Have fun…they will all turn out just darling.


  4. What a cute blog you have here!I love vintage aprons, and have them hanging in my kitchen on an old hook.Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on Kris' blog for the Saturday Spotlight Feature today.Have fun with your new apron ideas.Debbie@Lakehouse.


  5. I love all these aprons. They are all so beautiful but # 1 and # 6 are my favourites. I also love the fun fabrics you chose. They will make beautiful aprons Kimberly. I like your new header! Have a great week ahead.


  6. Kimberly,I love your new header for your blog Kimberly.All of these aprons are nice. When I went to the local craft show, there was a woman who took men's button shirts and turned them into sweet looking aprons.


  7. I just can't choose but I definitely prefer the bib aprons, I usually mess up my top half and even wear an apron to eat sometimes so I do not stain my clothes with tomato sauce! Love the fabric with the coffee pot on it! Can't wait to see the finished project!


  8. Hello, I like apron style 2 and #3.I also enjoy aprons and I wear one everyday. I am sewing a couple right now for a gift for Easter. There is just something so cozy and sweet about putting your apron on as you cook and bake. And I have saved many tops from ruin, because of wearing mine over the years!Blessings to you! I liked the name of your Blog!Roxy


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