Signs of Spring


I could hardly believe it when I checked the temperature at three this afternoon and it read 38F.
Poor Tim, I think I nearly gave him a heart attack when I suggested we should go for a walk since it was so warm outside today.
You see, I’ve spent most of my time this winter inside.
I can tell you it was wonderful to get outside again after being cooped up.
It was a perfect day; sunny, warm and no wind!
I spent most of the day putting this apron together. I didn’t use a pattern, but combined what I liked from a couple of other aprons that I already have.
I had to chuckle though when it was finished and I saw it hanging on the door. It reminds me of a little girls Easter dress with all it’s bright flowers, ruffles and rick rack!
I even told Tim that I just need to add my Mary Jane’s and then I’ll be all set for an Easter egg hunt soon.
Another sign of Spring today was the blooming of my Purple Vinca that I’ve kept on the window shelf all Winter long.
I’m really not sure how long this weather will last, but I’m thankful for even a little tease every now and then.
Tomorrow I’ll be back at the sewing machine again.
I still have three more aprons to tackle yet.
I’m thinking maybe no ruffles this time around.
We’ll see…
Have a good weekend friends!




21 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. I love your apron! It looks very springy indeed! 38 degrees was your high. Brrrr! I'm not sure it even reached that low for us down here in s.e. FL this year.Enjoy your warming weather and that happy apron ~ FlowerLady


  2. Gosh, you'd think we'd been talking this morning from our posts. That apron turned out great! I like the cheery flowers and the ruffles and the rick rack. It is good to get out for a walk; hope that you'll have many more mornings like that.


  3. Kimberly,Your apron is gorgeous!!!! I love this pattern in the material.38 degree's is so much warmer than it usually is up there. We were 38 here last night, and the winds OMG…..they were terrible. We missed out on severe weather this go round.This purple Vinca is beautiful, does the flower have a nice smell?


  4. Your apron is beautiful, Kimberly! And you didn't use a pattern?? Wow, you are talented! I have often thought of making one, but am nervous to try…you inspire me 🙂 Happy weekend! Hugs!


  5. Your apron is very pretty and I like the ruffle and the colours. How sweet that little vinca blossom is. It's a glorious day here again today. Snow and rain tomorrow, of course, it's the weekend. I hope it keeps on melting there and that you have a nice weekend.


  6. 38F is 3.333C, still mighty cold for us down here, hope it warms up for you soon, lovely apron, rickrack, that goes back a long way, and now revived in super fashion, bright, extra wide, super thick, all available so easily. Cheers, Jean.


  7. Kimberly, isn't it pathetic that we think of 38 degrees as warm. Ha! I totally know that feeling. We grasp onto any little thread of hope for warmer weather and spring. I just ran across an apron pattern that I traced from my daughter's apron which I really liked. The pattern's been sitting in my closet for a year now. I think I can go to Step B now and purchase the fabric, right? LOL


  8. I had one sort-a like that a few years back — they are fun and pretty — I like the combination of fabric you used – show the other ones when you are done too — great sewing project..Hugs


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