Vintage Style Aprons


I’m happy to say that I have finished my Vintage Style aprons yesterday.
I am going to show you all three of my aprons and I would like for you to tell me which one you like best!

I didn’t have a pattern for any of my Vintage Style aprons.
I copied styles from several different aprons that I already owned and put them together into something that I liked.
You probably remember that this fabric was my favourite of all of the others.
It still is!
A closer look…
This was the first one I made.
As you know, I’ve named it the Easter apron.
I can’t help it, every time I see this one “Here Comes Peter Cottontail hop in down the Bunny trail’ keeps going through my mind.
Then me, this almost sixty year old lady wearing anklets and my Mary Janes, skipping along a wooded path.
So crazy, I know.
Anyway, I had hoped to get a fourth apron finished too but my time for sewing has just run out.
Today I pack all the crafts/sewing items I want to take with me, get my hair done, and then get back home in time to do laundry for the last of our clothes packing for tomorrow.
I’m feeling dizzy just thinking about all that needs to be done.
It’s 12:35 AM, so I’d better get off to bed if I plan to be worth two cents in the morning.





22 thoughts on “Vintage Style Aprons

  1. Ohhh, they are all sweet Kimberly! My mother-in-law made ones similar to the first one. I do like the turquoise one but there's something about the style of the brown one and the colours so I guess it is my favourite. You must be SO busy trying to get packed. The deadline is coming and you will be on the road. Blessings to you. Hugs. Pam


  2. Hoppity hop, I like the last one best. Packing, Guess you have a very long list, and never mind if you have too much, it can always come home again in the box. Safe travel, Jean.


  3. Wonderful how you were able to figure this out, Kim! My favorite style and fabric is the pinny one. You made me laugh with your description of yourself skipping down the bunny trail. All the very best with the packing and leaving and traveling. What a fun, new adventure!


  4. Kimberly, I was going to say #2 was my favorite until I saw #3. That is the one for me!Good luck- I know you must be feeling overwhelmed at this point! I hope you are going to have good internet where you are going. I will miss you until you check in a gain- xo Diana


  5. Good morning! Goodness I would have a really hard time choosing. I really love them all. But the second one I think it is for me. I LOVE the fabric..soo cute! Sounds like your super busy, but you'll get there. How exciting for you!


  6. Wow, this is a tough one. I love them all!! I will have to go with the red one since aprons with straps around the neck get to me after a while of wearing. It's the style I like! Plus when you are short most patterns need to be adjust for me for the apron is ankle length, ha-ha! Best of luck packing and safe travels!!


  7. I love them all. Each one is just perfect. I think though, I like your Easter apron the best. I love that ruffle.I hope you get every thing done that you want to get done today.


  8. Oh my! They are all beautiful. I LOVE the first one and need to make one like it. I can't wear the tie around my neck…it bugs me! lol All of them have the cutest fabric…you did a great job my friend! Sweet hugs!


  9. I like them all but my favorite style is the Easter apron. Goodness you packed a big project in so close to moving! Sewing all those aprons would have been the last thing on my mind. Will you continue blogging from the Yukon?


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