A Ukrainian Easter Egg



Did you know that the Ukrainians are known for their intricate decorating of Easter eggs, which are better known as Pysanka’s?

Tim and I passed this huge depiction of a Ukrainian egg in the small Alberta town of Vegreville.

So since I can’t be home to show you any lovely Easter displays, ladies, this will be my contribution this year.

Do you have your reading glasses on, because you may need them to actually see what it is that I’m trying to show you here!
Can you guess what it is?
In this photo I feel certain that you can see them better….
Yes, it is Sea Gulls all flying South passing through Alberta.
There were so many that I could not possibly get them in my camera scope!
If I had not been in shock at seeing the masses I might have had the presence of mind to try the panorama setting on my camera.
I discovered that it’s not only Geese that form v’s when they fly.
So neat!
Today we have at least a ten hour drive.
We are driving Fort St. John BC  to Watson Lake Yukon.
This is where the mountain driving begins.
The weather forecast looks good.
Who knows, I may have a chance to get some animal photos to share with you tomorrow!
I hope you’re having a great day-Kimberly



25 thoughts on “A Ukrainian Easter Egg

  1. I hope you have a safe drive. The words 'mountain driving' just bring a shudder!! Loved the gulls photo. Birds in migration are always such a marvel – and testament to God's design. Hope you have a wonderful day, Kim!


  2. And I thought I was trying to read the writing in the sky! Hope that you will have had a wonderful day driving even if it is a ten-hour day. You will have earned your rest tonight!


  3. Hi Kimberly,It was great to see that giant Ukrainian Easter egg, floating in the sky, as it reminded me of the one time, long ago, I had the pleasure of painting eggs during Holy Week, skillfully instructed by my sister's godmother's daughter, who is Ukrainian. Thanks for sharing!Happy Easter!Poppy


  4. Kimberly, That is a great egg. 🙂 I would have loved seeing the seagulls…but I don't know that I would have looked up too long….you know how gulls are. :):) xoxo,Susie


  5. Ten hours is a long day to drive. We usually only drive about 8—and then, always stop along the way to walk a little (to keep from getting so stiff)…. Great photos of the GULLS… That's a TONS of them headed south.Beautiful Easter Egg…Hugs,Betsy


  6. I got a picture of that egg a few years ago. It was pouring rain so I stayed in the car. There is a beautiful living history museum of Canadian Ukranian life at Vegreville too. We spent a couple of hours there after the rain had let up. Most fascinating. You are making tracks to the Yukon pretty fast. May you have continued journey mercies.


  7. Beautiful photos! I love watching sea gulls when ever we go to the beach, but I never saw them flying like that. So neat1I have long been fascinated with Easter eggs with intricate patterns. There's no way I could ever find the patience to try making one on my own!Blessings~


  8. Mountain driving…I'll be praying for safety! I have this thing about heights, and narrow roads on mountainsides :>[The giant egg is so cool, my brother in law used to make those. He isn't Ukrainian, but he got pretty good at it :>) Seeing thoudands of birds in the sky is one of those things that make me happy, thanks for sharing! Happy Easter Kimberly!


  9. My sis and nephews live in FSJ, sounds like you are enjoying your trip. I did not know that Seagulls flew in a V and I have never seen that many at one time. Interesting that they were all flying south.


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