Beaver Creek

We have arrived where we will be working for the summer.
I thought, for now until I have time to explore the community myself, you might enjoy this video that was made by a local.
We are going to drive over to Tok Alaska tomorrow for a few groceries, then start  working on Tuesday.

I can’t close without sharing with you our

 day of colouring eggs with the g’children. We had an egg hunt and all kinds of fun before we left.

Oh, how hard it was to leave these kiddies!
Of course, it’s that way with all of the grand children.
Thank you all for being such a sport and following me on this summers journey.
I hope I can make it half way interesting for you!
Blessings to all-Kimberly

19 thoughts on “Beaver Creek

  1. What a great video, wish I could visit too. Did you know Gayle White of ” The White House” grew up in Tok, and lives in Fairbanks now? Grandies, guess you'll have another visit on the way south. Fine weather happy days, Cheers from Jean.


  2. Of course you will make it interesting! That's what you do! Looks like a very interesting place and pretty and pretty wild, too.The grands are so cute. What a nice batch of Easter eggs!


  3. What beautiful grandkids you have! I'm glad you got to spend some time with them. I enjoyed seeing the video about Beaver Creek. It looks like a wonderful place to visit (except for the mosquitos) and the host did a great job of promoting the area. Have a great week settling in and getting to know the area. Blessings, Pam


  4. It looks like a nice place to be for awhile. Interesting place. Yes, it is always hard to say good bye. So glad you had time with them. I hope you keep posting. I enjoy your adventures.


  5. Thanks for sharing the video. I thought the guys love of his town was sweet, and his little accent was cute too.Glad you are safely there.How nice to spend some time with your Grands, and Easter time too…. that's extra special.Looking forward to your posts.Take care…K.


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