Repurposed Tablecloths

I have been doing research on repurposed tablecloths since I have a small collection of them.
Some are in good enough shape to use on the table, but several have stains or tears on the surface.
This is why I am looking through Pinterest to find a projects for myself!
I found this one, which I love!
But I quickly nixed it.
I think you probably know why!
I have a photo somewhere with my Mother wearing a play suit designed exactly like this.
Mom’s wasn’t made out of tablecloths, of course.
Carol, at The Polka Dot Closet photographed these at a vintage fair, I believe.
I already own too many robes….
This purse I would make even if I had twenty purses.
There is not a fabric shop here where I can easily find a coordinating fabric to match my tablecloths,
so I have to check it off of the list of possible projects too.
To be honest I have already started a repurposed tablecloth project.
It’s not as grand as any of the projects I’ve posted today, but I think it’s looking pretty cute.
I will try to finish it tonight and show it to all of you tomorrow.
Do you have any other ideas for repurposing an old tablecloth?
If so I’d love to hear them..





19 thoughts on “Repurposed Tablecloths

  1. Love that purse and I'm kinda in love with the robe idea too! I have, of course, also seen and loved the idea of pillow covers, table runners and kitchen curtains made of vintage tablecloths. I have also seen them cut up into dish towels with adorable doily or patchwork accents (are you familiar with the Vintage Gray blog?) I bet pinterest would be a treasure trove of ideas!


  2. I searched for ideas awhile back to but when it came right down to it, I could cut any of them! lol Pillows are cute, tote bags and aprons. And for Christmas tablecloths, big stockings are very sweet. Hide the scissors! heehee! Hugs!


  3. What cute ideas! I like my cobbled table runner from old tablecloths, other runners, and old doilies. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  4. It's a warm and pretty spring around your place, Kimberly! Love the tablecloths, colouring the garden, and that purse is TOO cute!!Happy May!Poppy


  5. I do like the purse, it sounds like you still have some time up there in the Yukon to do some sewing, wonderful, I had imagined your days so busy with customers, serving, cleaning, waiting and more. Swim suit.. I agree with you, we will have to wait and see what you have designed, Cheers, Jean.


  6. Oh my, those are all genius ideas for re purposing vintage tablecloths. I've made pillow covers out of them and you could even cut up several tablecloths and make some pretty miss-matched luncheon napkins.I have to say, that purse is adorable!


  7. Oooh I love all of these ideas Kimberly. I wouldn't be wearing the cute romper for obvious reasons but I could use a new robe and a pretty purse. I have 2 vintage table cloths that are both in good shape so I'll hang on to them for now. Have a good weekend!


  8. These are all cute ideas. I don't do anything with my vintage tablecloths because I hate to cut them up. The purse is a great idea, tho! Can't wait to see your project!


  9. I think the purse is just darling! I am soo curious to see what you've come up with. Me? I'd see about maybe doing table runners…or place mats…or napkins…or aprons maybe. Hope your week-end is a good one!


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