Yukon Canada Travels


Hello Friends
I’m back with more of my Yukon Travels.
Tim and I made a couple of stops on our way down to visit our son and daughter in-law in Skagway Alaska that I would like to share with you.
Believe me, it was all a wonderful trip of R&R.
After spending a night in Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon,  the first stop of our Yukon Travels was Emerald Lake.
Emerald Lake is located not far from Carcross Yukon and south of Whitehorse.
I’m sure you can see why it was named after the beautiful green stone!
It’s colour is actually derived from light reflecting off of white deposits of clay and calcium carbonate that lay at the bottom of it’s shallow waters.
The calcium carbonate in the water comes from the limestone gravel that has eroded off of the nearby mountains.
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but there are mountains and lakes everywhere in the Yukon!
When Tim and I lived in this area we would drive past Emerald Lake at least once a week to go to Whitehorse to do our banking and shopping.
It was such fun visiting our old stomping grounds again….
Now please stay tuned though because I’m just getting started!
Tomorrow  I’ll be back to share more Yukon travels.
Here’s a hint: What is small and sandy, yet humid?
BTW, the white marbling of the water is from the ice atop the water.
 It is only partially thawed in this photo.
It will be completely green once the ice has melted.


19 thoughts on “Yukon Canada Travels

  1. It is very pretty. I think it is so nice to get to see the Yukon. A place I have always wanted to see. I think since I first read White Fang. It will be nice to see more photos of what you have been up to. I am looking forward to it.


  2. It looks like Oz it is so beautiful and so very green. Interesting information why that is so. I guess that I hadn't realized that you were back in your former stomping grounds. How interesting and I can see why it would be great fun!


  3. Kimberly, the ice still on the lake, a marbled effect that is beautiful. One of my blog friends, Vivian, at Quilting under the Midnight Sun, lives near Carcross, I'm sure the travels in the Yukon are so special for you and Tim. Sharing these with us , gives a wonderful photo story of the area and its beauty. Hugs, Jean.


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