Yukon Canada Travels Part 2

I’m continuing our Yukon Canada Travels…
The photos today were taken at the Carcross Desert.
With one square mile of sand, it is said to be the worlds smallest desert!
The truth is that it is actually Northern sand dunes.
The climate here in the Yukon is too humid for it to be labeled as true desert.
Like Emerald Lake I lived near the Carcross Desert (within two miles), but I never allowed myself the time to really explore the whole area.
I never knew  until this day what I had been missing!
I’m so glad that on this trip we were taking our time with no pressures to hurry.
As I was walking through the desert I found myself being very reflective of life.
You know, thinking about why I had left the area, where I was at in my walk of life now, and just where I wanted to see myself in my future walk….
It probably sounds crazy, but I felt that it was important for me to climb to the top of this sand dune.
I needed to feel like I could accomplish something that I knew was going to be a challenge to me…
And truthfully, I also wanted to get to as high a point as I could, sit my behind in the sand and just talk to the Lord for a while.
This probably doesn’t look too steep, but for someone who hasn’t been walking all winter long, it was a challenge!
I found it easier at times to turn around and walk backwards when going forward got too wearying for me.

Look at the beautiful view we were rewarded with when we reached the top and the end of the Carcross Desert!
Tim, bless his heart, was a trooper and walked to the top with me.
I doubt that I’ll be here again soon.
 I’m glad I have this special memory now to go with my photos.
And the time to sit silently and soak in all the beauty and the majesty of our Lord.



20 thoughts on “Yukon Canada Travels Part 2

  1. Kimberly,What a gorgeous desert. I've never been to Carcross, this place is one I must remember.I'm glad you had an opportunity to be wit the Lord while on top of the dunes.Blessings to you and TimSandy


  2. Stunningly beautiful panorama, and well worth the hard hike to the top. Yes, peace in nature's desert or forest , we can then leave with a full heart. Hugs, Jean.


  3. I would never have guessed that you'd find that hunk of 'desert' up there! And btw, the Palace of Westminster (Parliament) is right along the Thames. Buckingham Palace isn't. Thanks so much for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. As you can tell, I've never gotten over London. lol


  4. The view is stunning, Kimberly. It's a great feeling when we challenge ourselves to do something out of the ordinary and out of our comfort zone. What a unique spot in the wilderness this dessert is. Hugs. Pam


  5. How lovely, and what a beautiful place.I am glad you are just enjoying the view as you go along. I would have done the same thing went all the way to the top. I did that in Michigan at the Sleeping Bear Dunes just to see lake Michigan,So I totally understand why you had to see that lake. It is beautiful.


  6. Kimberly- Sounds like a very special time for you– as well as important. I hope as the days move ahead for you, you're able to find even more time to reflect on this trip. Glad you're getting to do this at a leisurely pace… Pat


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