Skagway Alaska

After leaving the village of Carcross Yukon we headed south through the mountains to Skagway Alaska where our youngest son and his wife live.
This photo was taken at the White Pass Summit.
If you look directly down the centre of the picture you can see part of the highway were we will eventually pass through.
In all of my travels I have to say that this is the most beautiful drive of any that I have ever experienced.
I never tire of it no matter how many times we make this trip.
And I always wish I had stopped to take more pictures.
Once we were settled in our room at Sergeant Preston’s we connected with Elijah and Laura.
Laura had heard that at high tide Orca Whales
were being spotted at The Yakutania Point.
Well it didn’t take any arm pulling to persuade Tim and I that this would be well worth the hike to the Point at the chance of seeing a whale!
The Yakutania Trail is an easy walk.
There are no scary drop offs!
The trail is located well within the trees, so that you don’t feel like you are up as high as you actually are.
made ask everyone to climb down ahead of me so I could take this photo of them first and get a shot that would give you a good perspective of the height of where we were.
The mossy looking stone you see at the bottom left is surrounded with sand when the tide is out!
Look how brave my DIL is!
I’m sure Laura had a fabulous view from her high perch.
 Queen of the Mountain
Here’s a photo of two handsome hikers I couldn’t resist taking a picture of!
Unfortunately we didn’t spot any Orca Whales, but we still enjoyed our hike together and the beautiful view of the Chilkat Mountains and the Lynn Canal.
I have one more post of our mini vacation to share.
I’m warning you just in case you think this travel series is never going to end….
Blessing to all of you!

27 thoughts on “Skagway Alaska

  1. Your pictures are unbelievable!Outstanding! The one of “queen of the mountain” and of the “two hikers” are especially nice.Well, worth the walk down.Enjoy your family. Sending you blessings.


  2. No warning necessary! Your husband and son look like two peas in a pod…very similar. Gorgeous scenery. Wild and rugged and stunning.


  3. Hi Kimberly, I wish we had known about this hike when we were in Skagway last summer-it is beautiful!So glad you had such a great time; I loved Alaska-it is so beautiful, just don't think I could live there.Hugs, Noreen


  4. Kimberly – Your photos are just breathtaking! What a gorgeous place. I was there about a year ago and just had never seen such beauty. It's a wonderful place to visit. Look forward to more pictures.Judy


  5. Oh My Gosh… Makes me want to go there NOW… How gorgeous!!!! And that hike??? I'd love it… BUT–how in the world do gals hike in sandals? (I noticed your DIL had sandals on.) HugsBetsy


  6. Wow Kimberly! These photos are so beautiful. What gorgeous scenery. Tim and your son sure do look alike. 😉 Thanks for sharing and I'm always glad to see photos like this. Have a wonderful time.


  7. Hi Kimberly,My goodness, what spectacular sights! You all look so comfortable and familiar with the landscape and your daughter-in-law surely must have had the best views!What an exciting adventure!Poppy


  8. I'm loving your photos and look forward to them every day. It's a trip I would love to take some time. I've been to Alaska a few years ago but there's so much to see and you've made me yearn to see more! Enjoy your week! Hugs!


  9. Wow! I am speechless. The beauty of that area is just breathtaking. I would love to see it some day, but probably won't get to so I'm loving your photos. Please show lots more!


  10. Great pics…thank you SO much as I may never make it there. Sargent Preston! My hero! I loved the RCMP especially when they used to ride horses and wear those red uniforms. I still watch reruns of the


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