June Photo Day Challenge

  June 22-Green
As I had mentioned yesterday I am participating again in the June Photo Day Challenge at Kati’s Little Corner
For green I chose my favourite old wheelbarrow. I use this wheelbarrow several times a week, usually to dump the weeds I’ve pulled out of my flower bed into the woods out back!
June 23-Pair 
Here is a pair of Scottie Terriers I bought at an antique store a few years back while I was visiting in the Mid-West.
I was dreaming of having my own little Scottie at the time.
June 24-Hot 
 Don’t laugh!
If you live in the North you know that we truly do consider 28C a hot day here.
June 25-Cold 
A refreshing cold glass of tea on this HOT day!
June 26-Thermometer 
This little thermometer reminds me of one of the Seven Dwarfs. Which one do you think he might be?
I only paid one dollar for him off of a discount table at a Field’s Store in Ft Nelson, BC.
See, treasures don’t have to be expensive.
June 27-Fruit 

Tomato, a fruit?
Yes, and if you don’t believe me you can read all about it here from someone who is far more knowledgeable about botany than I am!

June 28-Yellow

The one and only yellow bloom, so far, that has opened on the Potentilla bush in our backyard.
I’m hoping it’s not going to remain the only bloom that opens….
Well, this is my contribution to this weeks Photo Day Challenge.
I hope you will join in on Katie’s challenge too.
And I hope that you have a good weekend, friends!






20 thoughts on “June Photo Day Challenge

  1. Loved seeing your vignettes and little Happy there or is it Dopey? There are some days when 82F can be very hot indeed. We have hardly seen those temps yet. It's been lovely and not too humid. I especially appreciate that.


  2. If not for wishing to stay near my family, I'd move to the North with you for those summer temps. That's my kind of hot!! 😉 Your home is so cheerfully decorated…love seeing your photos!


  3. so much fun and so vintage whimsical, the deer ate my Potentilla bush, they loved it, that does look like one of the dwarfs, just not sure which one, but he is happy!!


  4. I won't laugh about 28C being considered a hot day as long as you remember not to laugh at me when I'm complaining because it's 32F here in Southeast Texas in the middle of winter! ha! I do love your June Photo A Day Pics!! Have a great week.Jeanne


  5. Kimberly-That wheel barrow probably does come in handy… It's a great photo. I also like how those tomatoes look in the window! I think the dwarf looks Sunny … But he would be a long lost cousin of the seven dwarfs- waking from his winter up there with y'all! Cute! And your right it doesn't have to be expensive to be comfortable and homey and cute!Par


  6. Good Morning, Your photos are so pretty; I see vintage treasures in each one. The tomatoes in the windowsill remind me of days when I visited grandma. Georgia has had some really hot weather and your iced tea would be a real treat. God bless your day!


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