Budget Porch Decor

  Budget Porch Decor
When I say this is Budget Porch Décor, I’m not lying!
I didn’t spend over twenty dollars on this project.
And aside from two dollars spent for the round table, the rest of the budget went towards flowers.
Nearly all of my budget porch décor project was accomplished by shopping from my own home.
I wanted our screened in summer porch to have a feel of stepping back in time.
I wanted it to look like my Grandmother’s porch might have.
To add a little charm, I covered two cheap plastic chairs that were left behind by the previous owner of our home with a Salvation Army  vintage tablecloth and a pink chenille bedspread.
The Cedar birdhouses were built for me years ago by my father.
They are especially treasures to me now that he has passed on.
The blue glider rocker was rescued from a neighbours drive during our village wide free dump day.
It’s the first time I’d ever picked something up from a curb, but boy am I glad I did!
I mixed leftover paint until I got just the colour I wanted for the chair and then used leftover vintage sheets I had from another project to cover the cushions.
The chair in this photo was given to us many years ago by my in-laws, way back when we lived in the Midwest.
It brings back a lot of fond memories from those days gone by….
Everything else is pretty much stuff I’ve collected from many years of  thrift shopping.
This photo is the porch before I began my budget re-do.
It really was honestly a lot more work than I thought it would be.
But Tim and I are enjoying the porch so much more than we did last year, that it has been worth all the effort it has taken in the end.
I hope you enjoyed my budget porch reveal.
Wouldn’t it be fun if you lived close enough to drop by and enjoy a glass of tea here with me?
I spend a lot of my blogging time here on this porch, so in a virtual sense I guess you are here after all!
Happy Monday
I’m partying here:

58 thoughts on “Budget Porch Decor

  1. Kimberly, I would love to visit you on your porch. I love the budget makeover. You and I take the word 'budget' seriously! Also great idea to shop from your own home. It is lovely! I can't wait until we have a portion of our porch screened in. Necessary in mosquito land. 🙂


  2. Oh my, a screened porch like this is on my list of “must have wannabes!” I love the chenille chair cover – it's all so charming! I am going to feature you tonight. Thanks for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday. 🙂


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