A Little Birdie Told Me….


This unusual bird dropped by our front yard yesterday for a visit.
I don’t know what his name is, do you?
He did come with a message though…
He wanted to inform me that my Budget Porch Décor post was a smash where it was featured on Hometalk’s Facebook page.
In fact, when I last looked, it had 3,463 likes, 602 shares, and 237 comments.
 If you would like to read through the comments here is the link to the page.
Now, on top of this good news my Repurposed Lamp post was featured on two blog parties this week.

Both of these ladies have awesome blogs. I think you would really enjoy visiting them today, right now in fact!
I have spent the best part of this week in the basement trying to spiffy up my laundry room.
Honestly, I hope I am done by Friday, because I really and truly do not like painting.
Tomorrow I want to show you a special gift I received in the mail all the way from California.
See you then!

18 thoughts on “A Little Birdie Told Me….

  1. It looks like a red heart on his back too! A “sign” that every one loved your post! I knew it was a winner as I wanted to ditch the pickles I was making and go right out and work on my porch! LOL! I am naming you my top budget minded decorating advisor which means I can afford to incorporate your ideas but I can't afford to pay you for them! LOL! It gives such hope to those of us who don't have much cash but lots of “finds” we can put to use.


  2. How wonderful! Okay, I'll trudge off to two MORE blogs. I only hope that I don't like them, but you know me…I'll LOVE them. Ha! Now this laundry room in the dungeon reveal is what I'm really interested in because that's my situation. I hate it down there!


  3. So much trouble with signing in to make a comment! 🙂 Not sure what is going on. lol!Just trying to tell you that I believe the bird to be a Northern Flicker. 🙂


  4. Your bird is a Northern Flicker. 🙂 That's great to have all the attention to your sweet sunporch! I'll have to check out that Facebook page too. Have a great day Kimberly.


  5. Yay that your porch decor was such a big hit! I know that I loved it! I was going to say Northern Flicker, but I see that others have already mentioned it. I love the woodpeckers and we have them here, too. Looking forward to seeing your laundry room!


  6. Your little bird friend is a Northern Flicker…like a woodpecker but eats off the ground. Your porch make over was so darn cute and homey, I love it. Hope your 4th is fun , xoxo,Susie


  7. Congratulations to you! That is very exciting! I would check Facebook but I don't have a personal fb page. Glad the others have solved your mystery bird question. The flicker is so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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