Flower Gardens of the Past





It’s been rainy here today and overcast, so Starlet and I are
going to make this a crafting day today.
It was very muggy yesterday and 26C, but the rain has cooled it a bit for today.
I’m off to make French toast now…..
Hope your day is a good one for you!



27 thoughts on “Flower Gardens of the Past

  1. Thanks for stopping by and taking time out from your visit with your granddaughter to comment Kimberly. We have the grands this week also (until tomorrow). The weather has been awesome and we plan to spend some time on the lake today. I love French toast! Making it with challah is my favorite!xxx


  2. Very pretty flowers! Shoo some of that rain down our way, okay? We are needing some again. This heat really dries everything out in a hurry. French toast sounds good! I haven't made that in a while. Have fun crafting with Starlet!


  3. Hello Kimberly, your posts and your photos are always so amazingly brilliant and colorful. I feel so at home in your blogging space . . . simply lovely. I especially like those wooden crates filled with flowers. I was surprised when I saw that you had decided to follow me back, thank you 🙂 I am looking forward to getting to know you better and I am adding you to my blog-list. Have a wonderful week.Your blogging sister, Connie 🙂


  4. Love the photos Kimberly! The blooms in the old crates are my favorites! French toast sounds yummy. Hubby and I just had oatmeal and berries in our room and now off to take a train ride.hugs,Jann


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