17 Amazing Cabinet Makeovers


Today, friends I want to share with you a board that I have created for Hometalk.
While searching for ideas on what to do with a cabinet that I would like to makeover, I was amazed at how many creative and unique Hometalk  refinishes I found!
I just had to share a few….






I have shared four of my favourite cabinet makeovers.
In order to see thirteen awesome more redone cabinets, click here to view my complete Hometalk Clipboard.
Have you ever visited Hometalk before?
Well why wait?
Hometalk is the largest Home & Garden Knowledge hub on-line.
It is full of home enthusiast doing what we all love to do; decorating, crafting, gardening, and so much more.
It is also a great place for posting any questions you may have concerning your home or garden.
I recently discovered that what I thought might be a lovely fern was instead rag weed.
Oh no..
Now please don’t blame me when you get hooked on this site!

Partying Here:
Before and After Wednesday




11 thoughts on “17 Amazing Cabinet Makeovers

  1. The last one is understated ( I had used “simple” but that did not do it justice), and stunning, I can see how anyone will be drawn to this site. Cheers,Jean.


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