Small Home Living Series #2


For my Small Home Living Series #2, I have chosen a quaint little home owned by Lyndsey Lewis, that is situated in Little Rock, Arkansas.


You can see that this lovely Small Home Living space, of 557 sq. ft., has all the amenities  of any large home, just on a smaller scale.



I am a big fan of white cabinets, especially when they are coupled with these rustic wooden floors.
The appearance of the floors makes one think they were just milled yesterday.



Like the first home in Small Home Living Series, it too is so tastefully decorated.





I would not have been able to tell that this Small Home Living build was new, would you?
It has the charm and the appearance of an older home.
For Lyndsey’s story about why she chose Small Home Living and all the building details, please visit this site.
And for the floor plans visit Tumbleweed Houses.
If you missed the first home in this series you may visit Small Home Living Series Home #1 to catch up.
Thank you all for joining me.
Friday I will return with
 Small Home Living Series Home #3.
See you then!

26 thoughts on “Small Home Living Series #2

  1. Just adorable! I l♥ve the wallpapered ceiling in the first photo! This house that we have lived in for 33 years was a whopping 550 sq feet when we purchased it. It was just about right for a newlywed cottage, but I am forever grateful that we added another 600 sq feet when the girls came along. Still a pretty small house by today's standards, but much more livable for a family!


  2. Hi There, I enjoyed seeing both homes. There's just so many creative things to do in a small home in order to get more space… Our home is not large (about 1600 sq. ft. –including a 2 car garage)… We only have 2 bedrooms and turned one of them into our office.. That leaves no room for visitors –but it was our choice to do this. BUT–when we move again –probably to a condo, I still will need storage. SO–that is interesting to me. Thanks for sharing.Hugs,Betsy


  3. I just wanted to tell you about the Justin Cronin book you wanted to know about for some reason your email did not come up.It is about a family that owns a summer cottage business the character development is amazing. I have looked up his other books and he has gone on to horror not my type of book.Cathy


  4. I love this little house! It is so beautifully decorated inside and out and just perfect for one or two. I noticed the little black wrought iron chair with the pale blue seat near the dining table as it's exactly like one we had next to our phone (our seat was white vinyl) when I was growing up. So neat to see one the same. The floors and kitchen etc. are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this one.


  5. I don't know how I missed this yesterday but I am caught up now. I am finding this fascinating! When we were first married we lived in a 860 sq. ft. home with two bedrooms, and by the time we left it we had 3 kids! It was very small! And yet it worked. It's funny how you can organize and make things work when you have to. Looking forward to seeing the rest of these…


  6. Ok… I'm still behind… I'm glad I came back to see these small places… I love the clean lines of this house. So adorable. I also like the sectional piece used as a slipper chair, without the arms on it, it allows for the floor space to seem more spacious. Furniture plays a BIG part in small house living, huh? Oh! and that bed with the drawers under…and that lovely bedspread! Pat


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