Favourite Small Living Home Chosen


The vote is in and the favourite home for my Small Home Living Series was House #3.
 Many of you could not make a decision on a favourite because you liked certain elements in all of them.
Me, too!
But unanimously, Small Living Home #3 was chosen as the favourite. 
 And I believe from your remarks that the porch seemed to be the clincher for most of you….
along with its staircase. 
My own personal favourite was Small Living House #1.
There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this home!

If I had to choose what sealed the deal for me, it would have to be the loft.
As a mother of three sons myself (and a lovely daughter), I could visualise my own three boys having shared this space while they were growing up.
There would’ve been a lot of noise below from all of their wrestling, but still I’m sure that I could’ve lived with it! 


Although my Small Home Living Series is complete for now, I do want to give a shout out to another tiny house that I stumbled upon.
This small home is owned by the Berzin family and I think you will enjoy their story and how they came to the decision to live in a tiny home themselves.
It’s interesting…
At 8:30 AM this morning it is 40F or -5C here and the sun is shining.
Since last week nearly every day was cool, dreary, and rainy the sunshine is a very welcome surprise.
I hope this first day of the week is a good one for you too!



21 thoughts on “Favourite Small Living Home Chosen

  1. I'm catching up after 4 days out of town, I missed the vote, but I still need to see the last house. They were all beautiful and I can see how the added living space of a porch might seal the deal as to why this one would be the favorite!


  2. I missed the vote too. Sorry. But my favorite was #2. Love that place. I could move right in. I like all the light, white everything to keep it from looking cluttered. But I do like the stairway and baskets in the winner. These are SO FUN!


  3. Each home had its own delights, and the next one on your list, the Berzin Family, a story to inspire everyone, no matter their age, financial position, family, or career. I admired, and enjoyed their story, and amazed at how they managed it all. Thanks for sharing so much with us, Hugs, Jean.


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