Do you remember reading about the Yukon Gold Rush in school?
I do.
What always struck me was how many of these men had actually left comfortable homes and lifestyles to come out to the wilds of the Yukon to seek their fortunes in gold.
Wal-Mart lot in Whitehorse Yukon Oct-2014
Now having lived in the Yukon on and off for several years, I can tell you that men seeking their fortunes in gold  here has never really ended at all.
Wal-Mart lot in Whitehorse Oct-2014
Before travelling further east we stopped in Whitehorse’s Wal-Mart Store and I snapped these three photos of  what are probably someones summer residences while in the Yukon or possibly Alaska.
Wal-Mart lot Whitehorse-October 2014
I would guess all are on stopped over here before heading on their ways home.
In the Eastern Yukon, where I have spent a couple of my summers, there are still many gold claims and many people who come back every summer to work them.
Although it’s not unusual for the locals or summer visitors to pan for gold, the serious miners now use the heavy and expensive equipment that one sees on the ever so popular TV programs.
One miner told me that it cost him fifty thousand dollars just to start up his mining operation every year. This wasn’t for the cost of any equipment either!
Many times the workers wages are a cut of whatever gold is found.
So imagine the risk that you may be working all summer for little or nothing….
I don’t pretend to be an expert on this topic, but I thought I would share what I have learnt first hand with you, just to give you a wee glimpse of
 this aspect of the Yukon.
On a personal note, I have been busy working full time again so my blogging will be sporadic.
Although I haven’t had time to leave comments I still have been following your blogs when possible.
It’s good to see all are well and enjoying Fall!
Until next time-Kimberly

21 thoughts on “Yukon

  1. Interesting summer 'homes'. The life of the adventurer is something that will always be. There will always be something to seek, usually riches, at great expense. I hope you have a restful weekend before your week of work. Blessings. Hugs. Pam


  2. Yes, I think it is good to remember that a whole lot goes on beyond our ken. A dear friend of mine's husband mined for gold, which caused a lot of grief in their marriage. I once asked why he did it when he never found any. She responded with a shocked expression…never found any? How do you think we make a living?! That truly surprised me…there are people actually making a living and with the price of gold this high…may e we should all go searching. LOL!


  3. Awww..I have been missing you but the realities of life sometimes get in the way of blogging, don't they?How interesting about the gold mining that goes on there. A whole different way of life and one that most could never imagine living. Great post- xo Diana


  4. I wondered what you had been doing. I really do love reading about the Yukon. I think I would like to do that one summer. Just go live out of a trailer and pan for gold. I wonder if I could talk my husband into that? Don't work to hard. Thanks for the update.


  5. I had no idea anyone would be looking for gold in this day and age. Funny. However, what a gold mine in some of those old vintage rigs…especially that last one. Heehee. I guess I just can't resist a vintage trailer, no matter the condition!


  6. Wow it is amazing the cost to go after the Gold! What a great life adventure for a lot of these men. Great to see your post. Glad you are doing great. We are all still her to see your wonderful posts.Kris


  7. Sounds like you're doing well Kimberly! We miss you, but of course understand.As always, this was an interesting post. I never knew about all the behind the scenes stuff, but one thing I do know is that most things are more involved than we think.xxx


  8. Nice to see you again, and read an update.My goodness, those gold miners are a hearty lot, and courageous too, I suspect.I would be terrified living in a trailer and trying to make a living.Good thing I wasn't a pioneer…. haha!!May this week be a great one for you, and may you continue to enjoy this beautiful time of year.


  9. Kimberly, so nice to hear from you! So enjoyed reading some of the insider info about gold miners and their passion! Hope you are well and are enjoying these autumn days!Poppy


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