Repurposed Wool Mittens

  Repurposed Wool Mittens
I promised I would show you the Repurposed Wool Mittens that I have finally completed, so here they are…..
(Oh my, I just realised my Deer are upside down)
Oh well, a little like me right now!
I think I like the underside of my repurposed mittens even better than the fronts!
Probably because of the patchwork of fabrics, versus the solid fronts.
Also, as you can see I did a little handiwork on them just to make them a bit more unique.
 I had made several of these repurposed mittens years ago, but have just now gotten around to lining them recently.
Now that is procrastinating, isn’t it?
The fourth pair of my repurposed wool mittens sold.
I do have another duplicate pair that I will show you when I finish the lining and cuffs.
They were my favourite pair!
I am so thrilled with how well my mittens are selling that now that’s all I want to do…
Too bad that I am working.
What projects have you been working on?
Anything special for Christmas gifts?
I can’t what my other project is right now because someone I’m making the gift for may be reading my blog.
You never know…..
Blessing to you all-Kimberly

20 thoughts on “Repurposed Wool Mittens

  1. Kimberly! These look fantastic! I saw someone else making these and she gave a wonderful tutorial. I'm wondering if you've used her method, or just pulled this out of your woolen hat! They look similar! I WANT TO MAKE SOME! These look fantastic. I know I said that…but it's worth saying again. 🙂


  2. You are so creative. I've seen mittens made from old sweaters on Pinterest and always wanted to try making a pair for my daughter. You encouraged me to try this. Thank you for sharing your talents.


  3. The gloves are fabulous! I love the stitching that you did on them. I'm not working on any projects…sure wish I could. I miss having time for such things.Hugs, Cindy


  4. These are just adorable! I love how they co-ordinate but are unique. Are they made from sweaters or do you knit them? I am working on patchwork throws for my kids for Christmas for them to use in their living rooms. I HOPE to get one made for each (my girls AND their husbands) which would be a total of 4. We are having our Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend and I have two most of the way done. I'll share after Thanksgiving:>)


  5. Those are crazy good! And the deer pattern isn't upside down for the wearer! Love these, and I would be buying them up lickety-split if I was shopping in Whitehorse.


  6. the glove with deer upside down not to the person who will ware it – wink! I really love them – I need to get sewing.. can you sew them by hand -Haha..Thanks for sharing great idea this is..Hugs


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