A Review of 2014


2014 Review In Photos

         Jan-How-to-paint-on-fabric          Feb-Lassy Mogs Recipe                Mar-Flower Pillow Tutorial

Oct-Trip to the Yukon                                   Nov-Repurposed Wool Mittens
December-A Christmas collage of the youngest of our grandchildren.
And that, my friends, is a pretty good summary of my 2014 Year In Review!


16 thoughts on “A Review of 2014

  1. Good morning! I considered doing a year in review with pictures as well as I soo love the ones who do, but I think I might have been over thinking it, lol. Would have taken me hours. LOVED yours! Wishing you and yours a blessed and wonderful new year!


  2. What a great way to revisit 2014! I guess I should do something like that but I'm not sure I accomplished that much! LOL! Maybe going back would be good to motivate me for this year? I missed some things of yours too! Happy New Year to you and your husband!P.S. Cute grand children too! The one on the bottom left looks like you, I think.


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