Yukon Winter Drive

12:30 PM
Last Sunday Tim and I made another Yukon winter drive to Whitehorse. As we were driving the winding road around Kluane Lake at Sheep Mountain there was a trace of low lying fog that was so beautiful I just had to share it!
12:30 PM
You can see that this is definitely a Yukon winter drive with all of the snow on Sheep Mountain and the frozen Kluane Lake. It would probably even hold the car, but we aren’t going to test it, so we do drive slower
around the many curves.
Christmas Creek
You can see from this photo how the weather changes in the mountains here. Coming down off of the Summit it was dreary and cloudy passing over Christmas Creek.
As you can see, one picture lead to another…
I hope you enjoyed my Yukon winter Drive as much as I did!
Next time I’ll share my photos from our drive home.
It’s the same roads, just a different view.
Until then….

25 thoughts on “Yukon Winter Drive

  1. such a beautiful drive, I was wondering if you are in a remote area and if so how far from a town with hospital or that sort of thing, for some reason I thought you were quite remote, and had a long dive to town, its such beautiful landscape, amazing!


  2. Dear Kimberly, thank you for sharing your photos with us. They are amazing. I see why people fall in love with your corner of the world. The beauty is breathtaking. Have a marvelous weekend.Your blogging sister,Connie 🙂


  3. Kimberly thanks for sharing these gorgeous scenes with us. The lighting and colours are really stunning. I don't like driving on roads that don't have guard rails along the side even in summer. They scare me. We're having another major snowstorm here today. I hope you have a good weekend. Blessings ~ Pam


  4. I love your pictures. I think it is just incredible to see that. I have been thinking of you this week. I am so glad you did a post. I hope you and Tim are well. I can't wait to see some more views. I would love someday to be there for the Iditarod.


  5. Kimberly. I love the fog picture..awesome. The roads looks so scary to drive on…even though they have been plowed. Please be careful there. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


  6. That fog picture looks surreal Kimberly! Mother Nature is something.Just a few minutes ago hubby called me outside (we are currently on a houseboat in the keys) to show me something cool. There was a HUGE circle of clouds forming a perfect circle surrounding the moon! I've never seen that, and wish I could have captured it. Sounds like you are making the most of the Yukon! So glad for you!


  7. I've always wanted to visit the Yukon – our country is so full of beauty of many kinds. Love the fog across the mountain and the glow of light in the clouds. Beautiful photos.


  8. So glad to hear from you and to see your beautiful pictures. I've been out of computer land for the weekend. Amazing how we ever got along without internet. I must admit those roads looked a little scary. Looking forward to your trip home, stay safe!


  9. It looks so cold in each of your pictures. Really beautiful, but really cold. The icy roads look too intimidating to drive on. I'm sure you and your husband are well prepared. Wishing you safe travels.


  10. I missed this post with all your beautiful images from your drive. Those icy roads are a bit scary looking and I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to venture out on them myself! (Big chicken that I am) I hope you are doing okay, I realized that we haven't seen you posting for a long while. Take care!


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