Barn Living

Have you ever considered barn living?
Today Tim, his mother and I took a day trip to view a barn home property.
The photo above is the huge unfinished area of the barn.
Can’t you just envision what this could look like completely finished?
I can see it now as an open kitchen/dining/living area with a woodstove to warm the space and several scattered rug to warm my feet.
Yes, I’m good at dreaming!
There is a small finished apartment in a portion of the barn.
And I do mean small!
The above space is the kitchen, dining and living area.
But it is nicely finished, I think, don’t you?
Above the living area is this nicely sized bedroom.
This is the view from the bedroom balcony.
There is another nice barn on the property as well.
The red barn belongs to the neighbors.
I’ve always loved a claw foot tub, but honestly I never knew that they ever made them as small as this one was!
Pint sized, for sure.
Works well with the pint sized bathroom.
The exterior of the barn needs to be sided, which to me is a plus. This would allow the purchaser to put their own personal touch on it.
The property has over 26 acres.
It is such a beautiful place.
I think I could live here!
I have taken such a liking to barn houses that I’ve recently started a Pinterest board.
You can check it out here if you’d like.
Have a good day!

17 thoughts on “Barn Living

  1. Yes I have considered it, that is a house style that Earl and I have always dreamed of. Maybe a bit bigger than the one you show here, but I adore barns and I would love the rustic, country feel of a remade barn. This one has so much potential, I love it.Thanks for the tour!


  2. It looks like a wonderful place to live and turn into your home. The floors are amazing and having that little apartment upstairs would be a real plus. It would be a great mother-in-law apartment, or even a place to cozy up in the coldest part of winter and not have to heat the whole house. That home plus 26 acres is amazing . . . are you considering buying this property?


  3. You have just returned from the Yukon, and now looking at a barn, and land? What a dream view from the top floor, pity there are no verandas and decks, but guess anything could be added. A huge wood fire, and I would be there in a flash.


  4. It's very homey and love all that wood!!! I would snatch it up, would love to live there!My neighbors down the road have an original (barn) home and very happy in it. Love watching the tv show that turns barns into homes.


    1. Hi Liz! Yes, that’s Nana. She is living with us now here in Manitouwadge. She went down south for a wedding and will be back in a couple of weeks. I am trying to move to this new blog, but I don’t have everything set up quite yet.
      I’m so glad you dropped by! Do you have a blog too? Or Googleplus? Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to connect with you….
      Take care-Kim


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