Black Bears in Northern Ontario

black bears
Black Bears in Northern Ontario

Today was a Beary Good Day!

I spotted Mother Bear back with her cubs on the ski hill behind our home this morning.
The cubs were babies last year. They say that they will remain with their mother for this year.  Then when they are two years old, next year, they will go out on their own.
I brag that I am an expert on bears now because I devour any nature program that pertains to these beautiful creatures.
You may remember that Black Bears were fairly regular visitors when I lived on Lake Superior. If you would like to see a video you may look back to one of my older post
I don’t believe that I told you that this last Christmas I bought Tim one of those nature cams. He, just last week, mounted it on a tree  facing the creek that flows in the rear of our property.
I am hoping that while we are sleeping Momma Bear may pass by so we can have a good close up of her. I had to use my zoom  for the above photo, but it doesn’t begin to capture her true size and beauty.
This is all I have to report today, ladies.
I’ll be back with those photos if I’m lucky…

11 thoughts on “Black Bears in Northern Ontario

  1. Kimberly,Great picture!!! We used to have bears in our yard coming up to our front door when we lived up north. We don't have bears here visiting the property. We do get fox, coyote, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, and the occasional dog someone will drop off.


  2. I don't know how I missed this post earlier, I just saw it on my Bloglovin list. I'm afraid I read too many accounts of bear attacks in Readers Digest as a kid. I would be scared silly if I saw one. Do they come up by the house?


  3. I'm scared of them but I love them. Too many pictures of people attacked and what an awful way to die! Mostly brown bears not black but I have a healthy respect for them. Still a great picture! Of all people you guys should have a nature cam. I bet you'll get great results! I can't wait!


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