Northern Ontario Wildflowers

Northern Ontario wildflowers
Northern Ontario Wildflowers-Aconitum Napellus and Fireweed

Little did I know that I had so many Northern Ontario Wildflowers right outside my own backyard. Early this morning I grabbed a glass of iced tea to take a moment to relax in my screened-in porch. But when my eyes feel upon the wildflowers peeping out over the top of my creek bridge I knew now was the time to get my best shot of these lovely ladies, so back into the house I went to get my camera!

northern ontario wildflowers

All of the Northern Ontario Wildflowers featured here are growing along what is now my dry creek bed banks.

Northern Ontario Wildflowers

We have had exceptionally warm weather this summer, which explains why we have so many more of the Northern Ontario Wildflowers growing this year.

Northern Ontario Wildflowers
Scarlet Lychnis and Goldenrod

My creek bed bridge borders with the woods at the edge of our little village. The black bear have recently been crossing it and using my backyard as a path to go scavenging into town. I’m not easily scared but I do have to admit that I did turn for an occasional look over my shoulder to see if there were any bear lurking there!

Northern ontario wildflowers
Purple Aster

I remember this Purple Aster from my childhood days in Missouri. It was prolific along the roadsides there as well.

northern ontario wildflowers

One of my favourite of the Northern Ontario Wildflowers is the dainty Forget-Me-Not. Maybe you remember the recent post that I wrote here on the Forget-Me-Not.

northern ontario wildflowers

The Joe-Pye-Weed hasn’t opened completely yet, but it appears to be close.

I’m just so glad that I made the decision this morning to leave the dirty dishes in the sink and the floor not swept and make my way outside where I had opportunity to smell the roses wildflowers! I only wish you could have been here to join me…


28 thoughts on “Northern Ontario Wildflowers

  1. You’ve got a wonderful variety of wildflowers, Kimberly. Isn’t it amazing how they grow so beautifully with such abandon?
    Glad there were no bears about this morning. Perhaps they were home enjoying their tea before heading out!


    1. I think it may be berries they are enjoying now, Lorrie! I’m not hearing much about them
      visiting in town as much. I bet you are blessed with many beautiful wildflowers there in
      BC too. do you have any of the same ones I’ve shown?


  2. Good choice! You grew up in Missouri? Wow. How has this escaped me? What a change on locations you’ve experienced! Do you ever miss Missouri or are you content in the Great North?


    1. I miss the long growing season of Missouri.
      I love about everything that comes with living in the North,
      except the winters are too long.


  3. Hi Kimberly, wonderful new place to visit, and your wildflower pics are beautiful, named, and flowering for the tail end of your summer. Down here, all is well, Hugh has been discharged, so back at the motel, and we will drive home tomorrow. Hugs to you.


  4. Your second photo supplied the answer to a question I’ve had for years. The purple Edelweiss! They began growing in my front garden years ago, just a few and now have spread to a large clump. I love them but never found the name before this. Ours bloom here in May and I always clip a few for small vases.

    Thanks for the answer!


    1. Thank you for visiting, Deb. Your title with ‘frugal’ in it catches my attention.
      I’m all about being frugal so I’ll be over to return the visit real soon!


  5. I had to smile while reading this post Kim. Just yesterday a friend and I picked tons of wildflowers and so many were featured here. I concluded with all the flowers we have growing around here,there is no reason to ever buy any, at least not this time of year.


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