Thrift Shopping

thrift shoppingThrift shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. I don’t get out of our small village much to go where there are large stores that you can go thrift shopping in, but this week was an exception.

thrift shoppingThis past week my MIL and I went thrift shopping in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The car had to go to the shop for maintenance and we had to go to the Value Village and the Salvation Army for maintenance! After all, a girl has to get her shopping fix every once in a while!

thrift shoppingI’ve done my whole bedroom wall with items I’ve purchased from thrift shopping. I have to admit that some of the items have come from our local little thrift shop and yard sales as well.

thrift shoppingRemember when these birthday bouquet ladies were so popular?  I believe this is topaz  for November.

thrift shoppingLastly, I never forget to check the sewing racks whenever thrift shopping. Are you kidding? I nearly always find baggies full of unopened embroidery floss for $1.99. Here in Northern Ontario the floss sale for thirty five cents each, so the bags are quite a bargain.

Do you enjoy thrift shopping? Where is your favourite place to go? I’d say hands down that for a small town our resale shop is a pretty nice little store, but if shopping in Thunder Bay the Red River Salvation Army has all of the other thrift stores beat. It is very tidy and nicely arranged, plus they have a 50 percent sale on specific items everyday. You can’t beat that! I’m thinking it’s a good thing I live over four hours away.

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Have a super weekend,

thrift shopping


Apron Quilt Blocks

apron quilt blocks

Recently while browsing for quilt patterns on Pinterest, I ran across several cute Apron Quilt Blocks. I discovered that the quilt blocks were all various versions of a Lori Holt pattern.

apron quilt blocks

Oh my goodness, they are so dare cute!

apron quilt blocks

Look at these three apron quilt blocks. They are all the same pattern, but every woman has put her own personal touch upon it!

apron quilt blocks

Here again is another Lori Holt apron quilt block pattern. I like the unique details; the cherries and the rick-rack. Did you even know that they made rick-rack that tiny? I didn’t.

apron quilt blocks

Again, this is the same pattern as the previous photo but different fabric.

Apron Quilt Block

I  don’t have the time for quilting right now, but when I do this is one quilt block pattern I’m certainly going to consider. Even if I never make a quilt, I think the patterns work as an inspiration for a full sized ladies apron. Don’t you?  Which pattern is your favourite?  I can’t decide which one I like better #2 or #5.

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apron quilt blocks

Retro Tea Towels Shop

retro tea towel shopRetro Tea Towels Shop

Camp and Cottage Living has opened a shop named Camp and Cottage Goods on Etsy. The shop contains a variety of retro tea towels available to purchase. All towels are 100 percent cotton tea towels that are prewashed and preshrunk before being embroidered . They are created in my smoke/pet free studio.

The Tea Towels available at Camp and Cottage Goods are embroidered with designs especially chosen to reflect our love for those bygone days of the past.

Visit my shop to select and check for updated retro tea towels available to buy!

retro tea towel shop

 retro tea towel shop

retro tea towel shop

retro tea towel shop

French Style Tea Towels For Sale

French Style Tea towels for Sale

French Style Tea Towels For Sale

Are you a lover of French Style, my friend?  

Camp and Cottage Living has now opened a shop on Etsy named Camp and Cottage Goods. The French Styled Tea Towels for sale in my shop are embroidered with our favourite French design emblems of crowns, bees, and chickens. They are available in a variety of 100 percent prewashed and preshrunk cotton fabrics created in my smoke/pet free studio.

To view the entire collection of French Style Tea Towels for sale and the new designs that are added regularly check at  Camp and Cottage Goods.

French style tea towel

French Style Tea Towels

French Style Tea Towel