Thrift Shopping

thrift shoppingThrift shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. I don’t get out of our small village much to go where there are large stores that you can go thrift shopping in, but this week was an exception.

thrift shoppingThis past week my MIL and I went thrift shopping in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The car had to go to the shop for maintenance and we had to go to the Value Village and the Salvation Army for maintenance! After all, a girl has to get her shopping fix every once in a while!

thrift shoppingI’ve done my whole bedroom wall with items I’ve purchased from thrift shopping. I have to admit that some of the items have come from our local little thrift shop and yard sales as well.

thrift shoppingRemember when these birthday bouquet ladies were so popular?  I believe this is topaz  for November.

thrift shoppingLastly, I never forget to check the sewing racks whenever thrift shopping. Are you kidding? I nearly always find baggies full of unopened embroidery floss for $1.99. Here in Northern Ontario the floss sale for thirty five cents each, so the bags are quite a bargain.

Do you enjoy thrift shopping? Where is your favourite place to go? I’d say hands down that for a small town our resale shop is a pretty nice little store, but if shopping in Thunder Bay the Red River Salvation Army has all of the other thrift stores beat. It is very tidy and nicely arranged, plus they have a 50 percent sale on specific items everyday. You can’t beat that! I’m thinking it’s a good thing I live over four hours away.

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Have a super weekend,

thrift shopping


19 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping

  1. I love thrifting! Our local Salvation Army is great, and right next to a sweet little consignment shop so I can go look there to my hearts content too 🙂 I’m glad you had a chance to indulge yourself!


  2. I’m glad you got a chance to shop outside of town…and get your thrift store fix!
    I visit our local thrift shops about every 2 months. I’d like to go more often, but lets face it, I don’t need anymore stuff. I usually only go now days to browse or if I’m looking for the ONE THING…
    Somethings, I’d just rather buy second hand…than spend the money (today’s prices) for less than quality (imported) merchandise.
    Our thrift stores aren’t as thrifty now days either– and that’s discouraging.
    I do like to look at the craft bins though… I like find needle point, doilies, or yarn !


  3. Hi Kimberly,

    You certainly scored some amazing deals and gems; very savvy!

    I like going to Value Village every so often, and when they have their half price sales, it’s bonus time! Last week was their most recent one, and my daughter found 4 beautiful designer dresses, while I managed to leave with one. Love the hunt!

    Happy labour day weekend!



  4. You’re playing my song! Yes I love to thrift store shop. My husband tells me I’m a cheap date because he knows I’d rather go there when we get out for a day than go to the mall. Why would any young couple starting out buy all their kitchen stuff new when really good stuff is waiting for them at thrift stores?

    You’ve found some lovely things out thrifting!


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