Woolie Tatoos

woolie tatooHave you ever heard of a Woolie Tatoo? I spent yesterday applying one to my favourite cool weather sweater. I don’t mind saying it turned out kind of cute!

woolie tatoosI’d like to tell you that this was done out of my creative aspirations, however the photo above tells all. This, my friends, is the bleach splatter that caused me to look for some way (any way) to save my beloved sweater. I’m not joking you, this sweater is to me like comfort food is to the body.

woolie TatoosMy first intent in covering up the bleach splatter was to slap a piece of flannel across it. Horrible, I know! But you have to understand this is my hanging out at home sweater, not one I am ever seen wearing in public. Once again Pinterest came to my rescue. While surfing there I discovered the amazingly talented Dottie Angel blog, which just happened to show a couple of examples of Woolie Tatoos like the one above.

Woolie TatoosBe smart ladies, don’t throw out your favourite sweater, pants, or whatever piece of clothing you love just because it has a little hole, a food, paint or bleach stain.

woolie tatoos

Within an hour you can stitch your very own Woolie Tatoo and rescue your sweater from the trash bin just like I did! If you’re not in a big hurry to get your project finished like I was, you can take the time to do a really bang up job on the embroidering. Have fun and use your imagination!

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Repurposed File Holder

repurposed file holderA repurposed file holder can be used for so many functions. I had thought of using the one I had bought as another flower planter. I don’t need a flower planter though with summer  nearly over now. As you may remember that is how I put the old lunch box that I had found to use here. I was sure I would find a kazillion uses for it when I researched Pinterest. Wrong, the only repurposed file holder I could find pinned was serving as someone’s kitchen cutting board holder. I liked the idea, but the last thing I need for my kitchen at this time is another object to clutter my counters!

repurposed file holderWell no matter, since I knew the moment I first laid eyes on this rusty old file holder exactly what I was going to make out of it. Yes, after I paid my toonie to the kind lady I was prepared to run home and convert my yard sale find into my very own First Aide Kit. Believe it or not, I have never owned a First Aide Kit and decided it was high time that I did.

repurposed file holder

That was over two months ago! But there I was last week, snooping around in the garage for heaven knows what, when I spotted the old file holder again. Bingo! The vision of the Swiss First Aide Kit appeared again. Now finally, I have finished my repurposed file holder project. I realize that it’s going to take a whole lot of bandages to fill this kit. No problem, I’m sure as I start to de-clutter the bathroom cabinets and drawers that I’ll find all that’s necessary in filling it!

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Decorating For Fall

 Decorating for FallI love decorating for Fall. I enjoy walking the woods and the country roads to gather the leaves, the berries, and even a few dead weeds to make up my Fall vignettes.

Decorating for FallI’m using my repurposed counter as a  focal point to begin decorating for fall in my home. It is the biggest piece in this little cottage of mine and works great for any seasonal displays.  Maybe you remember how this counter came to be, if not you can read here. Tim did such a good job at creating this for me, I have to brag about it whenever I can!

Decorating for FallI’m still displaying my crocks. The smaller ones were collected while we lived in Missouri many moons ago. This was back in the day when I had four young children running around the house. I remember many a times trying to fix supper with a little one hanging on your legs wanting to be held, don’t you? Good memories now, even though I’m sure I felt exasperated at the time.

I think I must be a Farm girl at heart, I’ve never lost my love for all of the old farmhouse wares that were needed for maintaining a proper country kitchen in those by-gone days. All I need now is to find an acreage with a big old-fashioned farmhouse again…

Decorating for FallHere are the Mountain Ash berries I collected. I like to use them when I’m decorating for fall. I like the mix of the blues and the orange together.  This is my favourite colour combination for Fall now. 

Decorating for FallI have to laugh at this card. “Just enjoy every moment in the grand old-fashioned way”. This was in 1945 for goodness sake.

Decorating for FallI just acquired this turkey plate last week. The colours are still so pretty and vibrant. The back reads, ‘Staffordshire, England’.  Our Canadian Thanksgiving is on October 12th this year.

Decorating for FallNow that the decorating is done I’m going to head outdoors while the weather is still so nice. I have a lot to finish before we get our first frost. Today I plan to finish digging the herbs I want to bring in for the summer and gather the flower seeds to save for next year. Never a dull day, as the saying goes!

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Decoratinf for Fall

A Bowl Full of Fall Goodness

a bowl full of fall goodnessToday was the perfect day for gathering A Bowl Full of Fall Goodness. What I collected is to be part of the Fall displays for my counter and table.

a bowl full of fall goodnessI like to use the berries from the Mountain Ash trees. The orange colour of the berries is perfect for any Fall display. I complained to Tim when he came out of the woods with only a handful, but he said he would have to get a ladder if I wanted anymore. The tree was tall!

a bowl full of fall goodnessOur leaves are just beginning to turn here in Northern Ontario. Once we get a few nights with frost that will all change. It always seems that when it frost the colours really begin to pop. Have you noticed this too, or is it my imagination?

Let me know if you are seeing any signs of Fall in your neck of the woods or city, and come back tomorrow to check out how I’m using the Fall bounty we collected today. See you then! View my Copycat Pinterest blog here.

a bowl full of bounty

Roses in a Lunch Box

roses in a lunch boxRoses in a lunch box, kind of unusual. When I noticed that the neighbors roses were not going to be much longer to this world I wanted to bring the last blooms in to display as long as I could to enjoy them.

roses in a lunch boxI have sat on this lunch box (no, not literally) most of the summer, never really knowing what to do with it. I didn’t want to paint it since I liked it’s rusty original state. Then it came to me “Why not put the roses in a lunch box?”

roses in a lunch boxI bought my lunch box early in the summer at a yard sale in the little village where I live. It is a gold mining community. In fact, almost all of the homes in this town were built by the mine for it’s workers many years ago, our home included. It makes it very easy for me to visualize one of the gold mine workers riding down in a shaft with this very lunch box on his lap to his work destination far into the earth.

Rose in a Lunch boxI feel certain that the man, whoever he was or wherever he worked, never would have imaged there would be roses in his lunch box someday!

rose in a lunch boxIt won’t be a rose in a lunch box much longer. In a day or two the petals will fall. But I love this rusty old box and all the hard working men it represents, so I feel certain that I can yet create other uses for it.  I’m already thinking of a Fall display!

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roses in a lunch box