Roses in a Lunch Box

roses in a lunch boxRoses in a lunch box, kind of unusual. When I noticed that the neighbors roses were not going to be much longer to this world I wanted to bring the last blooms in to display as long as I could to enjoy them.

roses in a lunch boxI have sat on this lunch box (no, not literally) most of the summer, never really knowing what to do with it. I didn’t want to paint it since I liked it’s rusty original state. Then it came to me “Why not put the roses in a lunch box?”

roses in a lunch boxI bought my lunch box early in the summer at a yard sale in the little village where I live. It is a gold mining community. In fact, almost all of the homes in this town were built by the mine for it’s workers many years ago, our home included. It makes it very easy for me to visualize one of the gold mine workers riding down in a shaft with this very lunch box on his lap to his work destination far into the earth.

Rose in a Lunch boxI feel certain that the man, whoever he was or wherever he worked, never would have imaged there would be roses in his lunch box someday!

rose in a lunch boxIt won’t be a rose in a lunch box much longer. In a day or two the petals will fall. But I love this rusty old box and all the hard working men it represents, so I feel certain that I can yet create other uses for it.  I’m already thinking of a Fall display!

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roses in a lunch box 


28 thoughts on “Roses in a Lunch Box

    1. Me too, Kathleen! When we had our restaurant I had an old commode pot on display
      and one of our customers was so offended by it. I didn’t even know that’s what it
      was, so I guess I better check more carefully before setting just anything out!


  1. I love your old lunch box with the roses and vintage silver displayed in it. You can definitely create more vignettes for fall and Christmas with it. I lived in a neighbourhood next to the CN shops (where they repaired the trains) and those silver metal lunch boxes were what the men in our neighbourhood carried as they walked to work. Brings back a warm fuzzy to see yours. 🙂


  2. What a great use for the old metal lunchbox. Your vignette is full of charm. I’m sure that will be a useful prop for many more vignettes throughout the year. That metal box holds a lot of history – don’t you wish you could hear its story?


  3. I love it! A sweet reminder from the past filled with treasures of today. I remember seeing my father leave for work each day with his lunch pail in hand and coming home with it in his hand each night. Don’t you just love those kind of memories?! Thank you for reminding me again of how hard my father worked for our family. Blessings to you from Southern Ontario! Diane


  4. I love it! It makes me want to go out and get Mr. Man’s fishing box and do the same, but I don’t think he’d like that very much LOL I’ll have to find my own 😉

    Lovely blog. I have both of them on my inspiration list now.



    1. Hey, a fishing box, what a good idea. Better not dump it though!
      Look for one at the yard sales, mine was two bucks.
      Thanks for adding me to your list, Rue.


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