Decorating For Fall

 Decorating for FallI love decorating for Fall. I enjoy walking the woods and the country roads to gather the leaves, the berries, and even a few dead weeds to make up my Fall vignettes.

Decorating for FallI’m using my repurposed counter as a  focal point to begin decorating for fall in my home. It is the biggest piece in this little cottage of mine and works great for any seasonal displays.  Maybe you remember how this counter came to be, if not you can read here. Tim did such a good job at creating this for me, I have to brag about it whenever I can!

Decorating for FallI’m still displaying my crocks. The smaller ones were collected while we lived in Missouri many moons ago. This was back in the day when I had four young children running around the house. I remember many a times trying to fix supper with a little one hanging on your legs wanting to be held, don’t you? Good memories now, even though I’m sure I felt exasperated at the time.

I think I must be a Farm girl at heart, I’ve never lost my love for all of the old farmhouse wares that were needed for maintaining a proper country kitchen in those by-gone days. All I need now is to find an acreage with a big old-fashioned farmhouse again…

Decorating for FallHere are the Mountain Ash berries I collected. I like to use them when I’m decorating for fall. I like the mix of the blues and the orange together.  This is my favourite colour combination for Fall now. 

Decorating for FallI have to laugh at this card. “Just enjoy every moment in the grand old-fashioned way”. This was in 1945 for goodness sake.

Decorating for FallI just acquired this turkey plate last week. The colours are still so pretty and vibrant. The back reads, ‘Staffordshire, England’.  Our Canadian Thanksgiving is on October 12th this year.

Decorating for FallNow that the decorating is done I’m going to head outdoors while the weather is still so nice. I have a lot to finish before we get our first frost. Today I plan to finish digging the herbs I want to bring in for the summer and gather the flower seeds to save for next year. Never a dull day, as the saying goes!

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Decoratinf for Fall


45 thoughts on “Decorating For Fall

  1. I think decorating with natural elements is my favorite way to bring a little Autumn inside. I love the counter your husband made and the colored leaves and berries! Our leaves are just barely beginning to turn.


  2. Never a dull day ,,, indeed! Lovely decoration…Yes, your Tim did do a fantastic job on that table/counter – I LOVE IT… Great ideas here and that card says it all..indeed! Can’t wait for you to share your fall leaves colors… Have a super day!


  3. Fall is such a wonderful time of year. Love your little squirrel nut holder.

    Your counter is a lovely piece for a fall arrangement and you’ve done well. Tim did a fantastic job making this piece for you with reclaimed wood.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady


    1. Lorraine, I think I got the squirrel at a dollar store years ago. The acorns are from my sons in Michigan. We don’t have any mighty oak trees here.


  4. I love your fall decor on your new shelving and your squirrel nut dish is adorable. The thanksgiving card is sweet and I love old crocks which are great for storage as well as decorating and filling with dried or faux leaves and berries. It all looks so nice. I hope you get some more nice days.


  5. It’s been beautiful here all week, Pamela. It seems Fall is usually our best season
    weather wise, with nice sunny days and cool nights. No frost here yet either.
    When do you leave for your trip?


  6. I need to do some fall decorating too, but am having a hard time finding the time. I love your Ash berries in the vintage blue bottles. I need to start looking for bittersweet in bloom here, it grows wild along the road sides.


  7. Bringing the outdoors in is my favorite way of decorating, too. Love all the simple, charming touches you brought in. The mountain ash berries go perfectly with those aqua bottles.


  8. I like the mix of elements you put together. The Aqua green bottles are a cute accent and I like the mountain ash berries. Do those dry nicely and keep their color?
    I’m starting to see a few trees with color but we’re a long ways from a full color display yet. It’s a glorious time of year isn’t it!


    1. There are many times I wish I could’ve lived during the 40’s and 50’s.
      It seems, in looking back, that it would’ve been a more wholesome time
      to be alive.


  9. Love your Fall treasures! The squirrels are adorable. I just love the turkey platter and the aqua bottles with the orange berries is fabulous! My new favorite color is aqua and I love it mixed with orange.


  10. I also love the colors of blue and orange together! It’s so Autumn-y. 🙂 Funny how time seems to fly by with regard to our little ones. I remember my boys as little toddlers, clinging to my pants legs also. Now, my youngest just graduated from college and I am a grandmother of four, thanks to my oldest two sons! I love your decor and the counter your husband made. Have a wonderful season!


  11. Kimberly, I love your crocks! I too love the combination of aqua with the berries from the ash trees. I have some in a bottle on my fireplace. Great minds think alike. 🙂 The turkey platter is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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