Repurposed File Holder

repurposed file holderA repurposed file holder can be used for so many functions. I had thought of using the one I had bought as another flower planter. I don’t need a flower planter though with summer  nearly over now. As you may remember that is how I put the old lunch box that I had found to use here. I was sure I would find a kazillion uses for it when I researched Pinterest. Wrong, the only repurposed file holder I could find pinned was serving as someone’s kitchen cutting board holder. I liked the idea, but the last thing I need for my kitchen at this time is another object to clutter my counters!

repurposed file holderWell no matter, since I knew the moment I first laid eyes on this rusty old file holder exactly what I was going to make out of it. Yes, after I paid my toonie to the kind lady I was prepared to run home and convert my yard sale find into my very own First Aide Kit. Believe it or not, I have never owned a First Aide Kit and decided it was high time that I did.

repurposed file holder

That was over two months ago! But there I was last week, snooping around in the garage for heaven knows what, when I spotted the old file holder again. Bingo! The vision of the Swiss First Aide Kit appeared again. Now finally, I have finished my repurposed file holder project. I realize that it’s going to take a whole lot of bandages to fill this kit. No problem, I’m sure as I start to de-clutter the bathroom cabinets and drawers that I’ll find all that’s necessary in filling it!

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43 thoughts on “Repurposed File Holder

  1. A great way to grab it and go, though I hope it’s never needed. We have a first aid basket. Yes, I have left purchased things in the garage and forgotten all about them and more than once.


  2. Seems like a wonderful idea to me. We don’t really have a kit per say, but we do have a shelf in our bathroom linen closet that holds everything we might need unless it’s time to head to the
    ER. Hope yours isn’t put to much use! Have a good week!


  3. There are a few items like your long-lost file holder kicking around our place, too. Just waiting. The first aide kit idea is a great one. We have a kit in each vehicle and one in the boat. Stuff in the house tends to be scattered. Corralling it all together in one spot would make things much more organized!


    1. It’s really negligent that I’ve never had one before, but ‘Thank The Lord” we’ve never needed one either when we were away from home I mean.


  4. I really like the vintage look about it,, reminds me of the first aide boxes on the walls in old war movies,, I think you can google what to have on hand in a first aid box,, yours in large enough you could even have disaster supplies in it, I know one thing they say is good to have are disposable diapers,, apparently good for large wounds, heat packs, cold packs, thermometers, tape and popsickle sticks for broken fingers,, elastic bandage, those are big things that don’t normally fit in standard small kits,, we have a shoe box in the house and a small box in the car,,you will well prepared and I hope you never have to open it,,


  5. Brilliant, I say…Brilliant! That is exactly the reason my house looks the way it does! My problem is that I don’t remember what I was going to do with it! LOL! I love all your projects! And your decorating!


  6. Love it Kim! My sis gave me one a while ago that they found while cleaning out her fil’s home. I hadn’t decided what to do with it yet. Like you, I didn’t need another planter. Maybe I’ll do something similar and use it on my medical tray for décor.


  7. This is a terrific idea! And a good way to get all the stuff out of the cabinet and drawers into one place. Hope it’s never needed, tho!
    I can’t count the number of times I’ve put something away and forgot about it! Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂


  8. That is me, exactly! I buy things I couldn’t possibly live without and then months later find them forgotten in some corner. But it is never too late – your file holder is so pretty and should serve you well.


    1. Gigi-I used red craft paint for the cross. I have seen were another person used
      red tape for her project. I didn’t have any so I opted for what was on hand.
      I spray painted the white, after sanding with metal flat paint.


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