Woolie Tatoos

woolie tatooHave you ever heard of a Woolie Tatoo? I spent yesterday applying one to my favourite cool weather sweater. I don’t mind saying it turned out kind of cute!

woolie tatoosI’d like to tell you that this was done out of my creative aspirations, however the photo above tells all. This, my friends, is the bleach splatter that caused me to look for some way (any way) to save my beloved sweater. I’m not joking you, this sweater is to me like comfort food is to the body.

woolie TatoosMy first intent in covering up the bleach splatter was to slap a piece of flannel across it. Horrible, I know! But you have to understand this is my hanging out at home sweater, not one I am ever seen wearing in public. Once again Pinterest came to my rescue. While surfing there I discovered the amazingly talented Dottie Angel blog, which just happened to show a couple of examples of Woolie Tatoos like the one above.

Woolie TatoosBe smart ladies, don’t throw out your favourite sweater, pants, or whatever piece of clothing you love just because it has a little hole, a food, paint or bleach stain.

woolie tatoos

Within an hour you can stitch your very own Woolie Tatoo and rescue your sweater from the trash bin just like I did! If you’re not in a big hurry to get your project finished like I was, you can take the time to do a really bang up job on the embroidering. Have fun and use your imagination!

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38 thoughts on “Woolie Tatoos

  1. Wow, that is a wonderful idea Kimberly! You really transformed your sweater with the beautiful stitches of flowers. In the 70’s I used to embroider flowers on my bell bottom jeans at the hem or on the front pockets or both. I enjoyed doing it and it gave them a fun look. I hope you have an awesome week! Blessings. Pam


  2. I’ve got my fingers crossed this will post!! Love this idea!! You wanted the apple pie willing and my computer won’t let me post it to your site. If you can email me I will try and reply to that! I’m so frustrated with my computer, google chrome, blogspot, etc, etc!!!


  3. What a great idea! And I’ve seen pretty embroidered mittens before but it wouldn’t be too hard to do your own embroidery on them, would it?

    Some of my favorite comfort sweaters, years old, would require quite a few embroidered areas!


  4. That’s absolutely adorable, Kim! Very vintage looking 🙂

    I’d never heard of Dottie Angel before and I’m sorry she no longer blogs. It’s a cute site.
    I hope she still puts things in her Etsy shop.



    1. Rue
      I couldn’t comment on your blog (don’t know what’s up with that) but I wanted you to know that I love that you’re carrying on the tradition with your hutch! All the plates, and tea cups you inherited are indeed treasures. BTW, those chairs are so unique. I’ve never seen any with that
      beautiful leaf design.


  5. What a great project! I loved the Dottie Angel blog! I’ve got a “long-term” (when I feel like doing something a little free form, haha) project of woolly tattoos on an old, holey army blanket. I started by embroidering over the holes, and am continuing all around. I loved the army green color and had found a good sized bag of embroidery wool at Goodwill, I can’t wait to eventually finish it! Your sweater has me wanting to now find some sweaters to work up. Much quicker project, lots of bang! Perfect way to hide that bleach spot, and good grief, have I had those a time or two!


    1. Michelle thank you for dropping by. That is really going to be some sort of a blanket when you get finished.
      Kind of like a sampler blanket! I have gotten most of my embroidery floss at resale shops too. Love that..


  6. Kim, you are so creative! It looks gorgeous and I had to laugh when I saw the bleach spatter…..I had no idea that was what you were covering up. What a great idea and your embroidery looks fantastic! You’re such an inspiration!


  7. What a darling idea and a clever way to cover up a stain or hole on a favorite piece! I love little embroidery projects and this is a perfect mix of frugality and fru-fru! 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! You have a lovely blog 🙂


  8. What a sweet idea! I, too, am one of those who embroidered my jeans in the 70’s (I covered the legs all the way down to the hem with all sorts of flowers and animals and designs). Now I can see those little moth holes in my sweaters
    as a challenge rather than purely aggravation!


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