Mug Rug for a Friend

mug rug for a friendI’ve been busy this week working on a mug rug for a friend. I got to know my friend, Cecile, last winter while Tim and I were in the Yukon. She and her husband loved their tea, and I have fond memories of sharing many a cup with them. Earl Grey tea with honey is their favourite.

a mug rug for a friend

 Polar Bears of the Yukon are located much further North from where Cecile and Charlie live. I won’t go into Polar Bear facts today, but if you would like to learn a little more about the  Polar Bear I did a post two years ago that you can read here. It also contains Polar Bear décor ideas for Christmas if you are thinking that far ahead. I know I am!

a mug rug for a friend

We received snow a couple of days ago. This is possibly why I’m thinking about Christmas decorating! I don’t really like to start decorating until the first of December. It’s a habit leftover from my many years of living in the states where Thanksgiving isn’t until the last week of November.


I hope you will pray for my friends, Charlie and Cecile. Cecile wrote to let me know that Charlie has cancer and has already begun treatments. Charlie is 71 but he is still working. He has contracts with U-Haul and Lynden Truck Lines to change tires whenever there are any breakdowns along the Alaskan Highway. It didn’t matter if it was -40 or 4am in the morning, when Charlie got a call he went out to take care of business. I could write a whole book about Charlie’s life (if he would let me), but that’s for another day….

I hope this finds you all enjoying your SundayA Christmas mug rug swap



12 thoughts on “Mug Rug for a Friend

  1. This is beautiful. I am not that talented.

    Snow can stay somewhere else. I like the kind that appears over night and is gone by evening.

    Have a blessed day.


  2. Cute mug rug Kimberly! The polar bear print kind of works for winter and lots of tea (or coffee) to keep one warm. Your snow looks very pretty. I’m sorry about your friend Charlie’s diagnosis. It sounds like he has a very busy life and now this has slowed him down. Praying he recovers from this. Have a great week.


  3. Oh my! That’s a beautiful mug rug…so many sweet details. You are a woman who really sews!

    I am sorry to read about your dear friend’s illness and will consider it a privilege to pray for him and his wife. Sounds as if they are those salt-of-the-earth people.

    Oh I mailed the package yesterday so be watching. Don’t laugh too hard! = D


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