The Christmas Hot Chocolate Station

the christmas hot chocolate stationAfter finding out today that my oldest son will be arriving next week with three of our grandchildren  to spend the holiday with us I knew a hot chocolate station was definitely in order!

The Christmas Hot Chocolate StationI made a quick trip down to my storage room to find an old galvanized dish drainer base and to grab the Christmas mugs from the cabinet. Next I filled my glass containers; one with  hot chocolate and the other with the marshmallows.

the christmas hot chocolate station

 Lastly, I added the candy canes and the spoons. And voila, I’m done. With the grandchildren here for two weeks I’ve got a feeling this little hot chocolate station is going to need frequent refilling. This is step one in my countdown to being prepared for Christmas. EEK, I’m getting worried!


25 thoughts on “The Christmas Hot Chocolate Station

  1. I feel like singing reading this! How wonderful! It’s going to be a merry, busy Christmas. Just the right kind! You are such a fun grandmother. The grands are going to love this!


      1. Hi Kim, I have a post going up on Monday that shows how to make a pinecone bird feeder. I thought I had shared it already but couldn’t find it when looking up some recipes for you.

        The reason I only saw this a day ago was replies to comments go to and that is a place I rarely go to. I actually found all sorts of replies to comments I’ve made on different sites. On my wordpress site I use a plugin, Comment Reply Notification, so that when ever I reply to a comment left on my site, it should go directly to the person as long as they have a valid email address. That way they don’t have to check back to my site in case they asked a question and were waiting for an answer.

        Looks like our first winter storm will be arriving later tonight and into tomorrow. We have been so lucky up to now with above normal temperatures and just one sprinkle of snow. Hopefully there will be lots of photo opportunities.

        Have a great day.


  2. I’m sure you’re excited about the visit Kim! Better get a move on with your projects ;).

    Having this set up will be a welcome addition for all, especially the Grands..


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