Easy to Make Sign

Easy Bedroom Sign

Here, my friends, is my version of an easy to make sign. I made it especially to hang over our bed. It reminds me of a favourite old Randy Travis song, “Forever and Ever, Amen.” here.

easy to make sign

Here is how to created this easy to make sign: Begin by removing the glass in an old picture frame. Mine was free!  Next cover the picture with a piece of leftover painter’s cloth or burlap if you like. You don’t need to glue this if you allow a half of an inch extra on all sides. It will lay nicely inside the frame without the use of glue.  I copied my letters from picmonkey right off of my laptop screen. You can print them on paper if you don’t mind using the ink required for this. I find it unnecessary unless it is something I am going to make more than one copy of. Now trace your lettering to the cloth with a heat removable marking pen. The ink will disappear from heat of your iron.

easy to make sign

This is an easy to make sign because it doesn’t even require paint.

easy to make sign

I used chalk! So easy and simple.

easy to make sign

For my easy to make sign I added a tarnished brass #4 and two wooden birds recycled from another old sign I was no longer using. Be creative here and make it your own. I had considered a small vase to hold flowers in the center as a possibility.

easy to make sign

Here is how my sign looks hanging over my bed. And it only took a few hours to make.

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17 thoughts on “Easy to Make Sign

    1. I loved this song. I would play it on the juke box in a little restaurant where Tim and I would visit while vacationing in Ludington Michigan!


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