Harvesting Lavender

harvesting lavender

For many years I had dreamed of the day when I could walk out to my own little herb garden to harvest my very own lavender.  I would envision myself harvesting lavender, filling baskets and baskets full of this sweetly aromatic herb. While thumbing through a magazine one day I came across some very impressive pictures with fields of lavender, no doubt they were lavender farms!  This prompted me to begin planning, not of fields of lavender for myself, but at least a decent sized border row all along one side of our property. You know, much like a farmers tree hedge row, only with lavender.

harvesting lavender

 Fast forward to today and here I am ladies harvesting lavender!  Yes, my very own lavender. It’s not a row of lavender yet, but hope does spring eternal that someday it will be. My figuring was that if I didn’t kill these first two plants this year then I’ll buy a few more every year until I finally have that row of lavender.

harvesting lavender

 I harvested  two plants of lavender and this is what it yielded.  Admittedly it doesn’t look like much. But I am hopeful that I will be surprised by how much it actually amounts to when it is dried.

harvesting lavender

harvesting lavender

harvesting lavender

To make a simple drying rack for the lavender just paint an old picture frame. Next replace the glass with utility wire fencing or even chicken wire could work.

lavender harvesting

I have hung my drying rack in the kitchen out of the direct sunlight. Not only is it pretty, but it smells fabulous!

harvesting lavender

Within hours I realised that the lavender was drying fast so I added a t-towel to the bottom of my frame to catch what had already dried.

harvesting lavender

Within one day I had already harvested a half of a pint of lavender. I am so excited that I now have lavender to use for sugar scrub and sachet that I want to make for gifts. I hope that this inspires you to add lavender to your herb garden. It is so fragrant, so pretty and so easy to harvest!

Blessings to all-Kimberly

harvesting lavender

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15 thoughts on “Harvesting Lavender

  1. Here you are harvesting lavender and there I am harvesting basil. Lavender is preferable. I tried growing lavender one year about twenty years ago and failed miserably. It likes a special soil that I do not have and plenty of sun. I can only imagine how heavenly your home is smelling these days.


    1. I’m surprised at how well it did as it wasn’t in the full sun, Vee. In fact I plan to move it to a sunnier spot.
      Basil is next on my list to add to my herb garden. We eat a lot of pesto here. Happy harvesting of yours!


  2. I tried (again) this year and bugs got to it but I am spraying and hoping to get a few sprigs at least. Yours look beautiful and healthy. And easier way to harvest is to gather the stems upside down and rubber band them then put them in a paper bag also secured at the top with a rubber band and hang the bag that way all your lavender will be “in the bag” when it’s dried. Lucky you! Mine is in a container so I will try and bring it in and put it in a sunny window for the winter. We shall see.


    1. But that doesn’t sound like a ‘pretty’ way to dry it, Sandra!
      Maybe when I get ‘rows’ of lavender I will try the easier method, but I have to have some where I can see and smell it too.


  3. Lavender….my favourite scent. Well done with yours! We grow lavender easily in the Island’s Mediterranean climate. Lavender oil is a staple for me!


  4. Your lavender dryer is both functional and beautiful. I dry mine on trays in the laundry room. Lavender thrives around here. I didn’t cut some of mine in time as we were away for so long. But I have enough to make some sachets. Beautiful photos, Kim.


    1. This being my first time I wanted to have the lavender hanging were I can see it.
      Silly, but true! By next year I will probably not be so fussy.


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