Apple Picking Days

apple picking days

Apple picking days are upon me now. Have you noticed, my friends, how much shorter the days are becoming?

Here in the North it is actually getting dark by 8:30pm!

 Combining the shorter days, the cooler overnight temperatures, and the yellowing of the birch leaves I find myself scurrying about like a little squirrel preparing to get her winter home in order.

apple picking days

But before I worry about gathering any acorns, so to speak, the apples have to be harvested.

apple picking days

Before I turn my mind towards any thoughts of  winterising our home, the Mums must be planted.

apple picking days

Before I worry too much about switching out our summer clothes to our fall apparel there is that one last swim in Lake Superior to be enjoyed.

apple picking days

And also that one last time to savour the feel and the warmth of the sand between my toes!

Yes, the days are getting shorter.

So let’s all enjoy what remains of our final days of summer!

apple picking days


There will be time enough yet for gathering those acorns!


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