Rustic Christmas Porch Sign

rustic christmas sign

I told you all yesterday how excited I was for this Christmas season. If you missed that post, check here. My mind has been overflowing with all sorts of holiday crafts and décor ideas. I’m certain it’s not just me, in reading your post I can see that the holiday craft bug has bitten most of us by now. For myself, I realized that the time had come to stop dreaming and thinking about what I want to do and get off my fanny to actually do something!

I convinced my husband to help me out-quick! Together we worked to make a rustic Christmas porch sign. I picked the wood I wanted used, did all the measuring eyeballing, and Tim did the simple cutting and nailing. The most time consuming part of this project is the lettering. I almost always choose my font from picmonkey. They offer a wide verity of fonts and it’s also an easy site to navigate. I know that many crafters like to print their fonts but I simply copy them from my laptop. Beware though that you do not press hard on your laptop screen. I learned this the hard way ladies!


If you are wondering why I’m in such at big hurry to get a rustic Christmas porch sign made, it’s because my blogging buddy Jann at Have A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen has invited me to participate in a Creating Christmas link party. So reserve that date! I do realize that it is over two weeks away and there is plenty of time. But in two weeks it could be way to cold for me to want to go out and work on any projects in our unheated garage.

The theme for my porch will be rustic, of course. Maybe you remember my porch décor from Christmas’s past. In 2011 my theme was “Let It Snow”. If you would like you can revisit it here. Then in 2012 I was all about making good use of my plaid thermos’s. Take a peek if you’d like to view it here as well. I think that it’s fun to go back to see what you created in years past. Especially in my case, I could end up making the same thing over again!

I’m off to experiment with a Vanilla Chai Tea Latte recipe I’ve found on Pinterest. I am converting it to dairy and sugar free. If it’s any good I’ll be back to share it with you soon.


Here’s What I Know

Here's What I Know                                                                       source

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last posted, and I have to be honest with all of you, it’s a little hard to know what to say. I thought I would just write about what’s been on my mind lately, just to say here’s what I know. So without any further ado let me begin my nonsensical blather!

Here’s what I know: I know that I am crazy, silly, super excited about Christmas this year.

I have been waiting to decorate since the first of November!

I’ve spent hours dreaming up all sorts of ideas for making new ornaments, wreaths, Christmas vignettes and about anything else that pertains to the Christmas holiday.

Here’s what I know: My oldest son from Alberta is coming for Christmas with his three children again and my youngest son is flying in from Alaska!

Now you know why I’m crazy, silly, super excited.

Here’s what I know: We have had snow here in Northern Ontario for over a week and a half, so it is pretty much a guarantee that our Christmas will be a white one.

Here’s what else I know: I have a Christmas gift give-away planned. I will be posting about it very soon so be sure that you check back in the next few days to discover what it is. 

No, it’s not a $1000. gift certificate. Nor is it a $100. gift certificate. But it is something really cute and I think you’ll like it!

Here's what I know


And lastly, I know I that I would give my eye teeth to see a real and live Snow Owl. Maybe even my wisdom teeth to see any kind of a real owl.

I warned you this would be nonsensical stuff!

Have any of you ever seen a Snow Owl before?

Because I think that they are one of the most beautiful birds that God has ever placed on this earth. I even bought one to place on my Christmas wreath this year.

Sadly ladies, that is about all I know(for now). I hope you won’t hold it against me! Leave a comment to let me know that you remember me….