Canning Pimentos

canning pimentos

I love canning. And in the last year my husband and I have canned stuff I’ve never even thought of canning before. We’ve canned bacon. We’ve canned butter. And now I’m canning pimentos!

I know these aren’t the usual food items that people most commonly can, but when I find a  good deal at the grocery store I figure that this is the time to stock up.

canning pimentos

When passing the produce discount rack I spotted these three red peppers. They were a wee bit wrinkled, but they weren’t spotted at all. Then I remembered that I was out of pimentos at home.

I like to use pimentos in some of my summer salads. At one time they were available in small jars that was the perfect amount for what I needed. Lately though all I can find are the larger jar which I don’t like. I use half of it then it sits in the frig and by the time I get around to using it again I worry that it’s been in there for too long. So I end up throwing it out.

canning pimentos

By canning pimentos at home I can use the smallest jam jars and get just the right amount that I want.  

It’s so easy. I washed the red peppers, cored and diced them. Next I filled my hot baby jam jars with the diced peppers and a little salt. Then the hot lids and jar rims were attached and tightened down. Lastly they were placed in the pressure canner, which was set at 10# pressure, and canned for 30 minutes. Like I said-so simple!

canning pimentos

I have included this recipe for easy pinning if you would like to try canning pimentos yourself.

Now for what’s happening around here. I’m going to Thunder Bay for a couple of days soon. Hey, this is the big city for me girls! I’m so excited to be able to visit Value Village and The Salvation Army Thrift Store there. I feel sure that I’ll find some sort of treasure to bring home with me. Mostly it’s just nice to get out of Dodge!

I hope your weekend is a good one, my friends.


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Homemade Blueberry Jam In Five Minutes

homemade Blueberry Jam In Five Minutes

Did you know that you can whip up a batch of homemade blueberry jam in five minutes? Well neither did I. A few weeks ago while shopping for canning jars I ran across a product labeled Sugar Free Freezer Jam Pectin. Several months ago I had changed my diet and I now no longer consume sugar (I use stevia). No sugar for me does not mean giving up sweets altogether but looking for an alternative way to make the foods that I love, like blueberry jam. I found using the Sugar Free Freezer Jam Pectin to be the perfect and easy way to adapt my favourite blueberry jam recipe.

homemade blueberry jam in five minutes

Here’s how I made homemade blueberry jam in five minutes. First you want to wash your blueberries. That’s a no brainer. Shake off any excess water from the blueberries. Then measure 2 cups of the fruit and pour it into your blender. This will fill one half a pint jar. My blender is a Ninja but any brand that you prefer to use will work fine. Next add 1 tbsp. of the pectin and blend. It is so simple.

homemade blueberry jam in five minutes

Leave the jam to sit for a minute in the blender. When you go to transfer it to your jars you will have this beautiful and thick blueberry jam. You can freeze the jam in the jars, just be sure you leave a little space in the top for expansion. I keep mine in the refrigerator because I eat it almost daily, so it disappears fast!

blueberry jam in five minutes

Being forced to give up sugar was extremely hard for me. At first I ate only fresh fruit. But now after doing much research I am finding a lot of alternative ways to alter my favourite baking recipes. If you would like I will occasionally share my recipes with you. Let me know if you are interested.

homemade blueberry jam in 5 minutes

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Do You Enjoy Canning?

do you enjoy canning
Do you enjoy canning?
Do you preserve food by placing it an airtight can or jar (Webster)?
Well, I enjoy canning. And I have for many year!
do you enjoy canning

I began my own canning journey in the early 1980’s.

I was a young housewife and mother of four young children. Tim and I had just bought an old Victorian home on a double lot and we couldn’t wait to till up a section of our yard for garden space.
We felt like we were homesteaders, of sorts.
We had purchased a wood stove to heat our huge home. We had planted fruit trees around the lot. And now we were going to become gardeners!
Fast forward a couple of summers and I could be found in my little kitchen (it had seven doors off of it) canning everything from our own homemade dill pickles, spaghetti sauce, vegetable soups, etc., etc.
It was thrilling!
do you enjoy canning


Now fast forward again to the early 1990’s…..
This was a time when Tim and I had bought out first business.
It was what we referred to as a Mom and Pop IGA Store in a beautiful, little tourist community in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, right on Lake Superior.
Needless to say, my gardening days quickly came to an end. Summertime was when our largest amount of revenue was earned. The community ballooned with summer cottagers and tourist. Tim and I were both working from opening to closing in our little grocery. We barely had time to eat, let alone garden!
do you enjoy canning
Since those days there have been a few other business endeavours…
 But finally, once again, I happily find myself with the time to pursue that long lost love of mine-canning!
Today when I can I still refer to the original canning books that my mother gave me so many years ago.
They are from the 1940’s!
I do always double check with the on-line canning guides to be sure that I following the proper procedure.  So far the 1940’s guide has not differed
 with today’s safe canning guidelines at all.
Well, enough said. Now I’m off to do some actual work.
Today Tim and I are canning the sausage that he put together for us yesterday.
And, who knows, if  the weather is agreeable I might have a tomato or two to can at this summer’s end.
I sure hope so!

Small Home Living Series #1


The first home I have chosen to kick off this weeks Small Home Living Series is a 665 square foot home built in Wyoming for Carmella Rayone, her husband, and their three sons.
I will not go into details about their life and the reasons for their Small Home Living choice, because I want you to visit the owner’s site and hear their story in their own words.
It is such an inspiring one!
This home is so beautifully done and obviously so carefully thought out that I can’t imagine anyone not thinking that they wouldn’t want to live here.
Yes, I for one, can definitely see myself in this living room.
The Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom-opposite end.
One of the closets contains a stackable washer/dryer unit.
I bet that is a surprise to you!


Beautiful Bathroom.
The loft space is for the couples three boys.
They have designed it in such a way that there is plenty of desk space, storage space and closet area for all of their sons.


Here is a view of all three of the beds.
This is just a teaser, for more information please visit the owners blog here.
She has laid out every detail of their journey in making this small living space into the lovely home you see here in these photos!
I will be back on Wednesday with Home #2 of my Small Home Living Series, and then Friday with Home#3.
I hope to see you then…

Bringing Back Red

red kit   I am adding Red to my kitchen. Again.If you’ve been a long time follower of mine then you know that my past kitchens have always contained Red.

When I redecorated my present kitchen for fall I changed out my summer colours to neutral colours and left it this way throughout the Christmas holidays.
But I am so..done with the neutrals. For. Now.
I’m not sure if I’m just suffering from Cabin Fever, but I definitely felt the need for colour in the kitchen again.
Something cheery.


It always surprises me though, how much time a project like this takes.
My intention is to just grab a few pieces out of storage to add back to my kitchen decor.
But then it becomes a snowball of ideas  that just keeps growing and this simple (I’ll be done in a day) project ends up taking three or four days!
That’s how it is for me, at least.
Just look at the mess I’ve created!
But you know how it goes with decorating.
You try this, you try that.
You hang something, then it doesn’t look right, so you take it back down again and try something else.
I often end up putting half of the goods back into storage again.
I think it’s a good thing I’ve got such an easy going husband…
Who, by the way, has his own home project he’s been working on.
But that I’ll share with you in a later post.
So tell me, are you suffering any Cabin Fever?
Or are you keeping it at bay with your own projects?
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