White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

White Lake Provincial Park Ontario
White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

The weather was so beautiful last Sunday that Tim and I decided to get out of town for a hiking adventure at the White Lake Provincial Park Ontario. It is just one of the several Ontario Provincial Parks located on the Lake Superior Circle Route. This was our first visit to the White Lake Provincial Park Ontario even though we drive past it several times a year and also live less than an hours drive from the park. And boy am I glad we finally stopped! Now I want to make it a goal to visit all of the Ontario’s Provincial Parks along Hwy 17 North.

white Lake Provincial Park Ontario
White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

There are several hiking trails to choose from at the White Lake Provincial Park Ontario. Since this was my first time out in the woods this summer I thought I should ease into it-chuckle, chuckle. I voted for the Clearwater trail to start, but frankly it was too easy,  even for someone who was a little rusty.

white Lake Provincial park Ontario
White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

The water was definitely clear on the Clearwater Trail!

White lake Provincial park Ontario
White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

The woodlands were littered with all kinds of magical fairy stumps.

White Lake provincial Park Ontario
White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

And there were giant shaggy bark trees.

White Lake Provincial Park Ontario
White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

Still full of energy, we decided to hike the Deer Lake Trail too. It is a 4.5 km trail, but after going 1.5 km the trail was covered with water and unless you have rubber boots on you would be walking through water mid-calf. Besides this fact, I heard some very distinct snapping of tree limbs and was thoroughly convinced it was a bear!

White Lake Provincial Park Ontario
White Lake Provincial Park Ontario

I spotted several Lady slippers on the Deer Trail.

White Lake Provincial Park Ontario
White Lake Provincial park Ontario

There were many fallen fungus covered trees on the woodland floor and some that looked like they had been just recently cut to clear the path for walking. All in all it was just about as perfect a day as one can have! We passed a moose on the road on our way out of town, spotted a beautiful red billed sand crane on the road back home, and then while watching TV we spotted a big black bear running across the road into our neighbors back yards. There have been nine bears spotted in town so far this spring and they have had to put three of them down I have heard. I am hoping that the berries ripen soon so they will return to the woods where they won’t suffer anymore harm.

Now I’m off to the sewing room for the next couple of days to put my new embroidery machine to the test! I can’t wait to share my projects with you on my next post.

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Black Bears in Northern Ontario

black bears
Black Bears in Northern Ontario

Today was a Beary Good Day!

I spotted Mother Bear back with her cubs on the ski hill behind our home this morning.
The cubs were babies last year. They say that they will remain with their mother for this year.  Then when they are two years old, next year, they will go out on their own.
I brag that I am an expert on bears now because I devour any nature program that pertains to these beautiful creatures.
You may remember that Black Bears were fairly regular visitors when I lived on Lake Superior. If you would like to see a video you may look back to one of my older post
I don’t believe that I told you that this last Christmas I bought Tim one of those nature cams. He, just last week, mounted it on a tree  facing the creek that flows in the rear of our property.
I am hoping that while we are sleeping Momma Bear may pass by so we can have a good close up of her. I had to use my zoom  for the above photo, but it doesn’t begin to capture her true size and beauty.
This is all I have to report today, ladies.
I’ll be back with those photos if I’m lucky…

Skagway Alaska

After leaving the village of Carcross Yukon we headed south through the mountains to Skagway Alaska where our youngest son and his wife live.
This photo was taken at the White Pass Summit.
If you look directly down the centre of the picture you can see part of the highway were we will eventually pass through.
In all of my travels I have to say that this is the most beautiful drive of any that I have ever experienced.
I never tire of it no matter how many times we make this trip.
And I always wish I had stopped to take more pictures.
Once we were settled in our room at Sergeant Preston’s we connected with Elijah and Laura.
Laura had heard that at high tide Orca Whales
were being spotted at The Yakutania Point.
Well it didn’t take any arm pulling to persuade Tim and I that this would be well worth the hike to the Point at the chance of seeing a whale!
The Yakutania Trail is an easy walk.
There are no scary drop offs!
The trail is located well within the trees, so that you don’t feel like you are up as high as you actually are.
made ask everyone to climb down ahead of me so I could take this photo of them first and get a shot that would give you a good perspective of the height of where we were.
The mossy looking stone you see at the bottom left is surrounded with sand when the tide is out!
Look how brave my DIL is!
I’m sure Laura had a fabulous view from her high perch.
 Queen of the Mountain
Here’s a photo of two handsome hikers I couldn’t resist taking a picture of!
Unfortunately we didn’t spot any Orca Whales, but we still enjoyed our hike together and the beautiful view of the Chilkat Mountains and the Lynn Canal.
I have one more post of our mini vacation to share.
I’m warning you just in case you think this travel series is never going to end….
Blessing to all of you!

Yukon Canada Travels 3

Carcross  Yukon
This is my third instalment for my Yukon Canada Travels series.
In today’s Yukon Canada travels Tim and I will drive on to Skagway Alaska to visit our son and daughter in-law.
The picture above is a photo of  two historical buildings located in downtown Carcross.
The Pink building is Matthew Watson’s General Store, which is a gift shop and ice cream parlour.
The Blue building is being renovated. It will be a restaurant and motel.
Carcross is truly a picturesque Yukon village. It is  surrounded by mountains and two lakes; Lake Bennett and Nares Lake.
This is an abandoned building I photographed on the dock on the village side of Lake Bennett.
As I said before, the Yukon has no shortage of abandoned buildings!
Since the White Pass Railway began again to bring passengers from Skagway to visit the Carcross village, the Carcross/Tagish First Nations has invested in the development of  the downtown community.
The buildings consist of gift shops, a coffee shop, and a fish restaurant so far.
The beautiful buildings are representative of the craftsmanship and artistic talent of Carcross local residents.
The Tagish Clan heavily intermarried with the Tlingit Clan, adopting the Tlingit language.
There are very few remaining First Nations people who speak Tagish any longer. 
And I just recently learned that the Klondike Gold rush began after a member of the Tagish Clan first discovered gold those many years ago!
I can certainly see the influence of the Northern Pacific Tlingit in their art work and carvings. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed my short series of my Yukon Travels. This is just a small taste of what the Yukon has to offer. If you have the opportunity to visit the Territory you must!!
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