Chalk Painting a Milk Jug


I have had an old Kalamazoo milk jug hiding in my cabinet for years that needed a face lift. Finally I came up with the idea of chalk painting a milk jug! I have seen so many Mason jars painted that look so nice in a farmhouse kitchen so I knew I couldn’t go wrong trying this application on my milk jug. 

chalk painting a milk jug

The first thing I did was tape the top of the milk jug with green painting tape.  You will want something that sticks well and will result in a very sharp line, not allowing any leakage of the paint. Using painting tape will make it easy to remove after you are finished too.

chalk painting a milk jug

The next step is to chalk paint the entire surface of the milk jug from the tape mark down. Notice how nicely the lettering is showing through now that it has been painted? It was hardly visible when the glass was clear. If you don’t have a chalk paint recipe here is Plaster of Paris recipe that I prefer to use:

chalk painting a milk jug

chalk painting a milk jug

After the chalk paint dried I went back carefully with my fingernail and scraped the paint off of all of the lettering. Probably a fine sand paper might do the job just as well but I was afraid that I would end up sanding off areas besides the lettering and then have to go back and repaint again! This just seemed like a more accurate way to do it to me.

chalk painting a jug

There you have it, a new flower vase for your farmhouse kitchen! I can see myself using this vase for all seasons of  decorating. I think it will even look nice on it’s own (flower free) added to a farmhouse vignette. How would you use it in your home?


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