Creative Christmas Porches

I want to start my Creative Christmas Porches tour with a big welcome from my Christmas Tree salesman. He knows that he ought to be hibernating by now but he has insisted on staying awake until the trees are all sold and his photo shoot is over!

I have chosen to start with our back summer porch as it is the one that is most often used.

My door wreath is a winter gnome.

I also added a little gnome to my jingle bell wreath.

One last look at the back porch and then on to the front one….

Do you remember the sign my husband and I made here? I created it for our front porch. In years past I have often used my snow shoes and tartan plaids to decorate my porch. I still love plaids for winter décor.

So naturally I had to add a little plaid even if it is only a scarf!

Do you remember how I said I’d give my eye teeth on this post to see a live snow owl. I’m still hoping that it will happen someday. But until then I’ll just have to be happy with this wee one.

Thank you all for visiting my Creative Christmas post. Thank you to Jann at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen for inviting me to participate! This is the last installment to the series, but you can still link to any of the Creative Christmas Linky party sites listed below until Dec. 24th. If you have missed any of the parties now is your chance to catch up. 

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Now on to today’s linky party where you are invited to share your Creative Christmas ideas.  

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Budget Porch Decor

  Budget Porch Decor
When I say this is Budget Porch Décor, I’m not lying!
I didn’t spend over twenty dollars on this project.
And aside from two dollars spent for the round table, the rest of the budget went towards flowers.
Nearly all of my budget porch décor project was accomplished by shopping from my own home.
I wanted our screened in summer porch to have a feel of stepping back in time.
I wanted it to look like my Grandmother’s porch might have.
To add a little charm, I covered two cheap plastic chairs that were left behind by the previous owner of our home with a Salvation Army  vintage tablecloth and a pink chenille bedspread.
The Cedar birdhouses were built for me years ago by my father.
They are especially treasures to me now that he has passed on.
The blue glider rocker was rescued from a neighbours drive during our village wide free dump day.
It’s the first time I’d ever picked something up from a curb, but boy am I glad I did!
I mixed leftover paint until I got just the colour I wanted for the chair and then used leftover vintage sheets I had from another project to cover the cushions.
The chair in this photo was given to us many years ago by my in-laws, way back when we lived in the Midwest.
It brings back a lot of fond memories from those days gone by….
Everything else is pretty much stuff I’ve collected from many years of  thrift shopping.
This photo is the porch before I began my budget re-do.
It really was honestly a lot more work than I thought it would be.
But Tim and I are enjoying the porch so much more than we did last year, that it has been worth all the effort it has taken in the end.
I hope you enjoyed my budget porch reveal.
Wouldn’t it be fun if you lived close enough to drop by and enjoy a glass of tea here with me?
I spend a lot of my blogging time here on this porch, so in a virtual sense I guess you are here after all!
Happy Monday
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Winter Porch Decor

One week ago last Sunday we received our 1st decent snowfall. Tim and I  took the opportunity to go out to gather our holiday greens. The beautiful woods, all draped in fresh fluffy snow was just what I needed to put me in the mood for Christmas decorating! Winter Porch décor designs began to whirl around in my mind.
Many of you know how much I lean towards the rustic design style. I guess this explains why I live in a log cabin in the woods on a great, big lake.
Back to the winter porch décor….I  love plaid and Christmas is a time that I enjoy both wearing it and using it in my holiday décor. So out came the plaid thermos. Next I remembered my old bait bucket. A little of this, then that and it didn’t take too long to throw together this years winter porch décor.
 Tim insisted on taking a photo of me attempting to cut the wee tree for the winter porch décor idea that was whirling around in my mind. You can’t imagine how many were rejected before I found just the right one! I’m way to picky.
I’m not sure if you remember that we are surrounded by woods so there is plenty of greenery to choose from.
In the end, it was my husband who ended up doing all of the cutting as usual! I’m so glad that he is so good natured about helping me with all of my creative ideas.
It was such a gorgeous day all around. I had finished my winter porch décor project. The beautiful snow covering the landscape, the bright sun shining on my beloved Lake Superior, and another project finished.We are blessed!
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