Hooped Embroidery Art

hooped embroidery projectsHello Friends!  Lately I have been indulging myself in something that I haven’t done in a long time-spending hours in the sewing room. My latest passion is hooped embroidery art. I have seen so many creative designs that I would love to copy. However, since I have a machine that does the embroidery work for me I decided to put it to use for my first hooped embroidery art project.

hooped embroidery artMy next embroidery hooped art project is hanging in the kitchen area of my sewing room. Doesn’t this Pear honey sound yummy. Wow, what a load of sugar though! I’d be buzzing like a Bee with all that sweetness in my system. On the other hand it may be just what I need. BTW, if you have missed my previous hooped embroidery art post you can check it out here.

hooped embroidery artI want to share with you what I have found to be the best and most economical machine embroidery thread around. A real plus for me is that it is a Canadian company so the shipping isn’t  ridiculously expensive. Believe me, using a cheaply made thread can cause your thread to break often which can quickly turn a fun day of sewing into a miserable one!

hooped embroidery artHere is the company where I purchase the thread from for my hooped embroidery art projects. Try it , I think you’ll like it!

hooped embroidery art


Machine Embroidery Knitting Bag

Yes, pinch me!
Because I have finally finished the Machine Embroidery Knitting bag I have been working on for my MIL.
As many of you know my own Mother passed away a little over two years ago. I try to concentrate on what a wonderful mother she was and not on my loss and just how much I miss her on this special day, but it isn’t always easy…
 Tim and I are especially appreciative that we still have his mother here with us though. She is the last remaining of our parents now.
For Mother’s Day I wanted to make my MIL a special gift. The knitting bag is a combination of machine embroidery and cross stitching.
Nana (our children’s name for her) and I went to a very nice women’s tea on Saturday.
It was one of the nicest teas I had been to in recent years-real cucumber sandwiches and yummy tarts, followed by several cups of  good strong tea!
In case you haven’t caught on yet, the photos are of the knitting bag that I made for her as a Mother’s Day gift!
You might remember that I had finished the cross stitching panel while we were in the Yukon, the rest I put together this last week.
Believe it or not, the very hardest part of the whole bag was sewing the X stitched reinforcements.
I wanted them to look perfect!
Did you notice the beautiful pink embroidered flower located on the centre brown panel?
 It was created with my new embroidery machine..
Naturally, my mind is just spinning with all sorts of plans for this little Brother of mine.
But before I can have any fun with the new machine I have to devote myself to making two Quiet Books for our two youngest grandsons for Nana to deliver to them when she heads back down south to visit.
Wish me luck, as I’ve got a feeling they are going to be a whole lot of work after looking at all of the little pattern pieces I’m going to have to cut and sew.
I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day and I also hope you don’t get the snow they are predicting for me here tomorrow!

Repurposed Wool Mittens

  Repurposed Wool Mittens
I promised I would show you the Repurposed Wool Mittens that I have finally completed, so here they are…..
(Oh my, I just realised my Deer are upside down)
Oh well, a little like me right now!
I think I like the underside of my repurposed mittens even better than the fronts!
Probably because of the patchwork of fabrics, versus the solid fronts.
Also, as you can see I did a little handiwork on them just to make them a bit more unique.
 I had made several of these repurposed mittens years ago, but have just now gotten around to lining them recently.
Now that is procrastinating, isn’t it?
The fourth pair of my repurposed wool mittens sold.
I do have another duplicate pair that I will show you when I finish the lining and cuffs.
They were my favourite pair!
I am so thrilled with how well my mittens are selling that now that’s all I want to do…
Too bad that I am working.
What projects have you been working on?
Anything special for Christmas gifts?
I can’t what my other project is right now because someone I’m making the gift for may be reading my blog.
You never know…..
Blessing to you all-Kimberly