Yukon Winter Drive

12:30 PM
Last Sunday Tim and I made another Yukon winter drive to Whitehorse. As we were driving the winding road around Kluane Lake at Sheep Mountain there was a trace of low lying fog that was so beautiful I just had to share it!
12:30 PM
You can see that this is definitely a Yukon winter drive with all of the snow on Sheep Mountain and the frozen Kluane Lake. It would probably even hold the car, but we aren’t going to test it, so we do drive slower
around the many curves.
Christmas Creek
You can see from this photo how the weather changes in the mountains here. Coming down off of the Summit it was dreary and cloudy passing over Christmas Creek.
As you can see, one picture lead to another…
I hope you enjoyed my Yukon winter Drive as much as I did!
Next time I’ll share my photos from our drive home.
It’s the same roads, just a different view.
Until then….


Do you remember reading about the Yukon Gold Rush in school?
I do.
What always struck me was how many of these men had actually left comfortable homes and lifestyles to come out to the wilds of the Yukon to seek their fortunes in gold.
Wal-Mart lot in Whitehorse Yukon Oct-2014
Now having lived in the Yukon on and off for several years, I can tell you that men seeking their fortunes in gold  here has never really ended at all.
Wal-Mart lot in Whitehorse Oct-2014
Before travelling further east we stopped in Whitehorse’s Wal-Mart Store and I snapped these three photos of  what are probably someones summer residences while in the Yukon or possibly Alaska.
Wal-Mart lot Whitehorse-October 2014
I would guess all are on stopped over here before heading on their ways home.
In the Eastern Yukon, where I have spent a couple of my summers, there are still many gold claims and many people who come back every summer to work them.
Although it’s not unusual for the locals or summer visitors to pan for gold, the serious miners now use the heavy and expensive equipment that one sees on the ever so popular TV programs.
One miner told me that it cost him fifty thousand dollars just to start up his mining operation every year. This wasn’t for the cost of any equipment either!
Many times the workers wages are a cut of whatever gold is found.
So imagine the risk that you may be working all summer for little or nothing….
I don’t pretend to be an expert on this topic, but I thought I would share what I have learnt first hand with you, just to give you a wee glimpse of
 this aspect of the Yukon.
On a personal note, I have been busy working full time again so my blogging will be sporadic.
Although I haven’t had time to leave comments I still have been following your blogs when possible.
It’s good to see all are well and enjoying Fall!
Until next time-Kimberly

Beautiful, Beautiful British Columbia

Hello Friends!
I wanted to drop back by and share my British Columbia photos with you.
Tim and I have been on the road again traveling across Northern Canada.
Although it is not the greatest time for beautiful pictures with all of the Fall leaves already on the ground and the dreary weather, it seems there is always something photo worthy here in Beautiful, Beautiful British Columbia!
Here is a photo that was taken just before entering Muncho Lake Park, British Columbia.
As you can see, there were still a few leaves on the trees here.
Even on a cloudy day the waters flowing through the mountain drive is still an amzing aqua colour.
I don’t remember ever passing through Northern BC without encountering herds of Caribou.
This is just a small group, there were many more later on down the road.
And isn’t this fellow gorgeous?
He is acting like I can’t see him behind that scrawny tree.
Silly Wood Buffalo!
I noticed that he has quite a huge hump on his back.
This made me wonder if it wasn’t some indication of prestige among the herd….
After trying to research why, I only came up with this Chippewa First Nations Legend.
If you are interested in viewing more Buffalo photos from our April trip through Northern British Columbia you may visit here.
I will be back in a couple of days to share a few  new shots from the Yukon.
I hope to see you then!
how not to clean an iron

Our Upper Peninsula Tour

While visiting at our daughter Emily’s home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, our g’children decided to take us to a metal sculpture
park that Starlet’s school had visited for a class outing earlier.
Lakenenland is located outside of Harvey, just before arriving at Marquette, Michigan.
I have to tell you I drove past this park many times when we lived in the U.P., not even knowing what it was.
If you happen to visit this area, you must stop!
It is well worth it and it’s free.
Here’s our dear Starlet with the whole world on her
I think the g’children climbed on every single piece of sculpture.
It sure gave me opportunity for a lot of good photo
Our Star reaching for the stars!
At first Lambert wouldn’t let me get a photo of him, but by the time we were half way through our tour he was wanting his picture taken on every sculpture.
I can’t begin to share all the sculpture photos with you.
And I’m sure you’re thinking, “Thank goodness.”
I can’t leave you though without showing you this awesome picnic shelter at the park.
I could slap up a few walls and live here!
Oh, I forgot to mention that it is right across the road from Lake Superior, so I would definitely feel right at home here.
We did get a skiff of snow here last night.
But that’s okay because I don’t plan to go outside today anyway.
Something that I did bring home with me that I wish I hadn’t was a rotten cold!
I’ve been pumping myself full of Echinacee and drinking my sore throat tea, so I’m sure it will pass quickly…
I hope this finds all of you well!
Take care-Kimberly

Yukon Travel Photos

I don’t have time to write alot, but I’ll show you the many beautiful
vistas we saw as we were driving our last day. We were supposed
to have more time to set up our housekeeping, but we were needed
at our workplace earlier. Our new employers mother is hospitalized
and not doing well at all, thus we’re trying to get started with very
little training on a new touch screen POS system. Today was our
1st day with training and tomorrow we’re on our own. Yikes!
Muncho Lake, BC
This is one of several mountain streams that are just opening up.
There were many buffalo in northern BC!
Many caribou also!
Toad River Lodge has over 8069 hats on their ceiling and walls. It’s very rustic.
I hope it won’t be too long until I will be free to visit soon and give you more details of
what’s going on here. I can see the mountains right out our kitchen window so I’ll try
to get some photos for you soon of them. Until then, take care-Kimberly

Blueberry Picking in Wawa

Today my DH and I drove 2 and a half hours north to go blueberry picking in Wawa.
If you have never made the trip north on the transcanada highway you have to put
this on your bucket list. I hope you don’t mind if I share a few photos with you!
This was taken about one third of the way up Hwy. 17 at an overlook.
Wasn’t the water today bluer than blue?
While driving back from blueberry picking in Wawa this photo was taken at Montreal River,
which you’ll miss if you blink.  The only thing there is a resort.
The Goose is Wawa’s town symbol. It is located at the visitors center. The town thinks it’s
worn out and they need a new one. I saw a sign saying you can buy a feather for the
new goose for $50. Now that’s a clever way to raise money for a new Goose!
This is Wawa’s rustic visitors center.
These are a modern version of the totem poles. Notice the Gitchee Gumee on the bottom?
 Coming south from Wawa is Old Woman’s Bay. It has a beautiful sandy beach.
This was our view looking out from Katherines Cove where we had our picnic lunch.
There are many outcroppings like this all along the lake.
This ol’ fellow seemed to think that he deserved some of our lunch!
Pines, birches, and jagged rocks line most of the highway.
It was a long day-eleven hours away from home. But well
worth it. The blueberries were small this year. The road into
the site was atrocious. But the drive, it was “priceless”.
Tell me, to what lengths would you go to get berries?