Beautiful, Beautiful British Columbia

Hello Friends!
I wanted to drop back by and share my British Columbia photos with you.
Tim and I have been on the road again traveling across Northern Canada.
Although it is not the greatest time for beautiful pictures with all of the Fall leaves already on the ground and the dreary weather, it seems there is always something photo worthy here in Beautiful, Beautiful British Columbia!
Here is a photo that was taken just before entering Muncho Lake Park, British Columbia.
As you can see, there were still a few leaves on the trees here.
Even on a cloudy day the waters flowing through the mountain drive is still an amzing aqua colour.
I don’t remember ever passing through Northern BC without encountering herds of Caribou.
This is just a small group, there were many more later on down the road.
And isn’t this fellow gorgeous?
He is acting like I can’t see him behind that scrawny tree.
Silly Wood Buffalo!
I noticed that he has quite a huge hump on his back.
This made me wonder if it wasn’t some indication of prestige among the herd….
After trying to research why, I only came up with this Chippewa First Nations Legend.
If you are interested in viewing more Buffalo photos from our April trip through Northern British Columbia you may visit here.
I will be back in a couple of days to share a few  new shots from the Yukon.
I hope to see you then!
how not to clean an iron

Buffalo Herd

I realised that as I was looking back through our photos from our trip home from the Yukon that I had not shown you the pictures I had taken of a Buffalo herd siting we had along the way.

These Buffalo are located between Watson Lake, Yukon and Liard Hotsprings, BC.
Aren’t they just gorgeous creatures?
We encounter them every time we make this trip.
They are so amazing, I never tire of them!
Many times in the past we have had to drive around them with our car, as they were right in the road.
But they were all lazing around this trip.
I guess we caught them at their nap time.
I wish I had taken the time to count how many we were passing, but a certain fellow was driving so fast at times they were sometimes just a blur…
Every time I see the Buffalo now I remember what a very wise man once told me.
And it is this:
I think we’d all be wise to take heed to this very wise man’s advice!
Don’t you?
I am off to visit some of the grandchildren for the next few days so expect lots of brag photos in the next few post.
Also, I wanted to share two more blog parties were they were sweet enough to feature my Budget Decor Porch.
I’m calling it the porch that just keeps giving and giving!
Have a good week, my friends!

Yukon Travel Photos

I don’t have time to write alot, but I’ll show you the many beautiful
vistas we saw as we were driving our last day. We were supposed
to have more time to set up our housekeeping, but we were needed
at our workplace earlier. Our new employers mother is hospitalized
and not doing well at all, thus we’re trying to get started with very
little training on a new touch screen POS system. Today was our
1st day with training and tomorrow we’re on our own. Yikes!
Muncho Lake, BC
This is one of several mountain streams that are just opening up.
There were many buffalo in northern BC!
Many caribou also!
Toad River Lodge has over 8069 hats on their ceiling and walls. It’s very rustic.
I hope it won’t be too long until I will be free to visit soon and give you more details of
what’s going on here. I can see the mountains right out our kitchen window so I’ll try
to get some photos for you soon of them. Until then, take care-Kimberly

Black Bear Visit

 I wasn’t going to share this with anyone but now that I’m really, truly done beating myself up over what   happened, I will.
 Four nights ago, while my husband was frying salmon, I noticed a bear hanging around the yard. So I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. Then my husband reminds me that the camera will also video-tape. So I excitedly switch over to video.
 By this time the bear is on the deck. He is  standing up to our front window!
This fellow is mere inches from me. We are face to face! I could even  have kissed him through the window pane had I not had the camera in front of me. From there he tries to get in by the sliding glass door, which(thank goodness) I had closed when I first saw him in the yard. Now remember I am getting this all on video tape.
black bear visit
He gives up on entering the house but still hangs around the yard for a while. And then he finally realises he isn’t getting in and skedaddles off.
My husband and I are thrilled! We’ve gotten a lot of pictures of bears in the yard, but never has a bear stayed so long or ever come up on our deck.
black bear visit
Now it is time to review the video. And this is were the beating myself up begins! Oh yes, you guessed it-the camera wasn’t even video taping at all!  And whose fault was that?  Mine, of course. I had forgotten that I had to hold the silver button on the top of the camera down for it to record.
I can just say that I am glad that I didn’t have a cast iron skillet handy on that day. Because I’m sure I would’ve been very tempted to hit myself over the head just to put myself out of my misery. I know it sounds trivial, but to me it was BIG!
To make a long story short. I’m over it. I’m sure you can tell that. And I have now practiced and have become quite proficient at holding that shiny, little silver button down that’s on the top of my camera to record!
Now, tell me, have you ever done anything that you just wanted to shoot yourself for? Just a matter of speech here ladies. Please share-I’m all ears!