happy halloween

Happy Halloween all! I hope you are enjoying this last day of October.


When I realised that today was Halloween the first thing that came to my mind was ‘The Munsters’ show. I loved that series! Tim and I still watch the reruns of the show on youtube occasionally along with ‘Mr. Ed’, ‘Green Acres’, ‘Petticoat Junction’, ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’, ‘Andy Griffith’ and ‘I Love Lucy’. My goodness, those where wonderful shows!


In all fairness I have to give a shout out to ‘The Addams Family’. Now this was not a show that I watched much. Yes, I’ve seen a show or two but it was never a favourite of mine. It seems that if you were a Munsters fan you didn’t care much for ‘The Addams Family’. Who knows, maybe they were on at the same time on opposite channels.


Anyway, I want to know which one was your favourite, ‘The Munsters’ or ‘The Addams Family’. Why? Just because I’m a bit of a curious cat today. It is Halloween day after all.

On the home front I’ve been busy sewing up a storm. I got my Yukon order finished and shipped last week. Whew, glad that is done! Now I’m working on orders to fill a table for the local Christmas bazaar. It’s all been fun. I will try to put together a post of some of the items in the next week so you can see what’s keeping me busy and entertained.

Don’t forget to let me know which show you liked best!



Mockingbird Hill Farm


This last weekend Tim and I met a couple of our children and five of our grandchildren in Sault Ste. Marie to spend a couple of days together before the snow begins to fly. We wanted to find a pumpkin patch for the children to enjoy. And we did, Mockingbird Hill Farm!


Mockingbird Hill is a working farm. The boys liked looking at and petting the cows and sheep. When I offered to buy food for them to feed the animals out of their hands they were very quick to say, “no thank you, Nannie”! 


Lambert is now ten. I can’t believe how much he has grown just since his visit here in July. I think he’s now going through that no smiling for photographs stage! Too bad his Dad was working, you could see that he is a spitting image of him.


There’s a lamb hiding behind our DIL and our youngest grandson. Little Ganon just turned six months old.


It was hard to get the boys to pose for a photo, they were busy hunting chickens and chasing cats. I think the only animal they weren’t taken with on the farm was the pigs!


We all had fun in the corn maze.


When I spotted this old wagon I knew it was the perfect place for a photo opt! The grand children first……


and their parents next.


Everyone spent a lot of time in the pool.


We all had a great time together and it was hard to say goodbye. You know what I talking about if you’re one of those grandparents that are not fortunate enough to have your grandchildren living near you!


Monday is Thanksgiving Day here in Ontario.

 I want to wish all of my Canadian friends a happy and  a blessed day.


The Everyday Fall Table

the everyday fall table

 Thanksgiving is soon arriving here in Canada on October 10th. I am planning on laying the table with my best silverware, crystal goblets, and my nicest tablecloth. But until that day arrives and throughout the Fall decorating season I set what I call The Everyday Fall Table. The everyday Fall table is bright and colourful. It is set with items shopped from my stock. I had quit buying seasonal décor years ago as I prefer to use natural items.  And I felt that had to get rid of the clutter! Seriously, do you really need five totes full of decorations for every season to make your home look nice? Well, I didn’t think so!

the everyday fall table

I like to start with the centerpiece. Mr. Squirrel is a favourite of mine. If you’ve been following me for any time at all I bet you might remember seeing this squirrel statue located somewhere in my home every Fall!

the everyday fall table

I do splurge (ha) on a new plastic coated tablecloth every season. This one cost me $3.00! I  cover the table with it for the one season then I have it to use for painting or crafts for myself or when the grandchildren come. The tablecloth was discounted from summer stock but I think the colours work fine for Fall.

the everyday fall table

the everyday fall table

Here in our cottage the kitchen table is the only table. So I have to keep it functional for our every day living, as well as dressing it up for the special occasion that come throughout the year.

Surprisingly, I have been able to fit eight people around this small round table! It was cozy and actually funny. We would all have a good laugh when one of the grand children, who was sitting on the back side of the table, would decide in the middle of the dinner that they needed to use the rest room. Then everyone on that side would have to get out of their chairs to make room for him/her to pass. Then repeat it again when they returned. It was almost like a game of musical chairs. But no one ended up on the floor or without a chair afterwards! I believe that being together with family or friends is really what makes those special days so special after all, not pomp and circumstance. 

I hope that your Monday is blessed-Kim 

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Friday-It’s A Wrap!

friday-it's a wrap

Oh my goodness it’s Friday. It seems like I was just waking up to Monday and now the end of the week is staring me in the face already! Do you ever feel that way?  Although I never like to see time passing me by so quickly I won’t complain. I did manage to get a few of my projects finished this week and one or two more started. For example I  have finished another hound dog tea towel.

friday-it's a wrap

I believe that no farmhouse kitchen is complete without a cow tea towel so I whipped up one of those. Notice that all of my farm animals are of the royal breed, no commoner animals around this house!

ansel adam prints

On our trip to Thunder Bay I was lucky enough to purchase two Ansel Adams prints. I’ve been looking for vintage photos to create a wall display. I love vintage photographs! Do you?

ansel adams

I think that these prints will work perfectly for the photo display I plan to create around the television.


On Wednesday we were presented with a beautiful sunrise!

canning butter

Maybe the sunrise was what energised us to busy ourselves canning for most of the day. We canned both butter and apple pie filling. Whew, was I ever tired that night.

closet door

On Thursday Tim and I began work on turning this very nondescript closet door into something  that’s a bit more classy looking. I will keep you updated on the results.

the boys

And what’s happened so far on Friday? Well Tim arrived home from the post with this sweet note from Reece thanking us for his present. Aw…. 

I have attached a photo from Reece and his brother’s first day of school just in case you have forgotten which one of my grandsons he is. This is Brigam’s first year at preschool and  he looks so sweet and excited. For Reece this is an old hat!

Next week looks very busy as I have received another order from the Yukon for my bags and wool mittens. For some reason they love my woolen mittens out there! 

If you are wondering what I’m talking about you can view the woolen mitts I have made and sold while living in the Yukon here. To view the awesome wildlife photo I captured while living in the Yukon look here.   

And this, my friends, is a wrap for this lovely fall week. I hope yours was a good one as well.


Farmhouse Bakery Sign DIY

farmhouse bakery sign diy

Do you love farmhouse signs as much as I do? Have you tried your hand at making one yet? Well today I would like to share my own farmhouse bakery sign DIY process with you. It was so darn easy, I don’t know why I waited so long to give it a try myself!

farmhouse bakery sign diy

The first thing you want to do is to think about were you want your sign to hang. It’s no fun if you put all your time and effort into making a sign that rocks, then you discover it doesn’t fit in the spot where you had planned to hang it!

I knew right from the get go that I wanted my sign to fit perfectly in the space that was above my cooking stove and beneath the exhaust fan. After taking the exact measurements I asked my husband if he would build a wooden sign for me. He said, “yes”, of course!

While my husband was  out in the garage busy working on the sign I was busy creating a three course sumptuous dinner for him. I can’t lie….I was busy searching picmonkey to find a font that I would like to use on my farmhouse sign. For the large lettering on the sign I chose a very simple font. For the bakery items I decided to go with a fancier cursive.

farmhouse bakery sign diy

I copy my lettering right from my computer screen, but you can also print the lettering out, cut it and lay it on your board. Then trace the lettering. For the smaller cursive font I used carbon paper and traced it on to the surface. It is pretty hard to cut such small lettering accurately.

Now this next step is going to be a stunner for you! I filled the lettering in with magic marker. Yes, you heard that right. It was a brand new Sharpie permanent marker. It filled in the letters so easily. Lastly I applied three coats of sealer to finish for a protective coat since my sign was going to hang over my cooking stove.

farmhouse bakery sign diy

Here is my finished sign before I had hung it. My husband says that it looks like a professionally done sign. He, no doubt, is my greatest fan.!

farmhouse bakery sign diy

In conclusion, farmhouse bakery sign DIY is simple and anyone can do it. Just give it a try!

If you would like to view another simple sign to make for your home, check out my post here.  If you have any question about either projects just give me a shout and I’ll do my best to answer you. As always, feel free to pin!!


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Canning Pimentos

canning pimentos

I love canning. And in the last year my husband and I have canned stuff I’ve never even thought of canning before. We’ve canned bacon. We’ve canned butter. And now I’m canning pimentos!

I know these aren’t the usual food items that people most commonly can, but when I find a  good deal at the grocery store I figure that this is the time to stock up.

canning pimentos

When passing the produce discount rack I spotted these three red peppers. They were a wee bit wrinkled, but they weren’t spotted at all. Then I remembered that I was out of pimentos at home.

I like to use pimentos in some of my summer salads. At one time they were available in small jars that was the perfect amount for what I needed. Lately though all I can find are the larger jar which I don’t like. I use half of it then it sits in the frig and by the time I get around to using it again I worry that it’s been in there for too long. So I end up throwing it out.

canning pimentos

By canning pimentos at home I can use the smallest jam jars and get just the right amount that I want.  

It’s so easy. I washed the red peppers, cored and diced them. Next I filled my hot baby jam jars with the diced peppers and a little salt. Then the hot lids and jar rims were attached and tightened down. Lastly they were placed in the pressure canner, which was set at 10# pressure, and canned for 30 minutes. Like I said-so simple!

canning pimentos

I have included this recipe for easy pinning if you would like to try canning pimentos yourself.

Now for what’s happening around here. I’m going to Thunder Bay for a couple of days soon. Hey, this is the big city for me girls! I’m so excited to be able to visit Value Village and The Salvation Army Thrift Store there. I feel sure that I’ll find some sort of treasure to bring home with me. Mostly it’s just nice to get out of Dodge!

I hope your weekend is a good one, my friends.


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Apple Picking Days

apple picking days

Apple picking days are upon me now. Have you noticed, my friends, how much shorter the days are becoming?

Here in the North it is actually getting dark by 8:30pm!

 Combining the shorter days, the cooler overnight temperatures, and the yellowing of the birch leaves I find myself scurrying about like a little squirrel preparing to get her winter home in order.

apple picking days

But before I worry about gathering any acorns, so to speak, the apples have to be harvested.

apple picking days

Before I turn my mind towards any thoughts of  winterising our home, the Mums must be planted.

apple picking days

Before I worry too much about switching out our summer clothes to our fall apparel there is that one last swim in Lake Superior to be enjoyed.

apple picking days

And also that one last time to savour the feel and the warmth of the sand between my toes!

Yes, the days are getting shorter.

So let’s all enjoy what remains of our final days of summer!

apple picking days


There will be time enough yet for gathering those acorns!

10 Beautiful Fall Tablescapes

10 Beautiful Fall  Tablescapes

10 Beautiful Fall Tsblescapessource

If you had ask me a week ago if I had seen any visible signs of Fall here in Northern Ontario I would have had to say no. If you had ask me a week ago whether I was making any plans for our upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving celebration I would have said no. But boy, what a difference a week has made here! The tree’s green leaves have now changed to golden. The warm nights with our windows left open are cooler ones, with me on occasion, wearing my flannel pajamas. I’ve gathered all of my herbs in to dry before the frost attacks them and I’m thrilled to report that the apples are ready for the picking-yeah! So with all of this said, ask me again if  I am making any plans for Thanksgiving and the answer is a resounding yes. I have spent the last few days searching for the perfect table scape to inspire me. I’m happy to say that I have found 10 beautiful Fall tablescapes and I want to share them with you.

10 beautiful fall tablescapes


I have to admit that I am so partial to the rustic and woodsy style that I was quickly filling up my favourites box with nothing else. But because I am gathering these 10 beautiful Fall tablescapes for you as well as myself I forced myself to be more open minded. Yes, just for you!

10 beautiful fall tablescapessource

Honestly, this Fall table setting does wow me. I think that the bouquet alone is a true work of art.

10 beautiful fall tablescapessource

I couldn’t help but add this lovely setting to my list of 10 beautiful fall tablescapes. For me this is what Thanksgiving is all about….. grateful*thankful*blessed*

10 beautiful fall tablescapessource

10 beautiful fall tablescapessource

10 beautiful fall tablescapessource10 beautiful fall tablescapessource10 beautiful fall tablescapessource10 beautiful fall tablescapessource

There you have it, 10 beautiful fall tablescapes. Do you have a favourite one? It was  very hard for me to choose just one. Tell me which of the ten is the most beautiful to you, not the one that would be the most practical for you to copy for your own table setting. 

10 beautiful fall tablescapes

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Quick and Easy Fall Decor

quick and easy fall decorsource

Are you ready for Fall? Ladies I have to admit that I haven’t done a thing yet to prepare for Fall myself. I do love the Fall season, it’s not that. It is just that when Fall arrives Winter too soon follows. Yes, it happens that way every year….But to be perfectly honest with you, I do have to confess that I have been surfing several blogs and pinterest to gather Fall decorating ideas. I have been on the look out for quick and easy Fall décor, creative projects that are not too time consuming. And if I can use  objects that I already have around the house, all the better.

quick and easy fall decorsource

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few of the favourites that I have gathered for my own pinterest board. Let’s start with Indian corn, I love it. And this centerpiece is just so simple, rustic, yet beautiful.  I just happen to have Indian corn too. I bought a few ears of the corn probably ten years ago. I just pack it away in my tote marked ‘Fall’ every season and it has remained in good shape throughout all of the years.

quick and easy fall decorsource

Now if only I had a few pallets lying around I could make this awesome sign.  The blogger who created this has even provided a tutorial for this on her site. Check it out.

quick and easy fall decorsource

Here’s a very cute pumpkin.

quick and easy fall decorsource

quick and easy fall decor


quick and easy fall decor


If you are a Canadian you will especially love this one, the maple leaf from our flag! Okay ladies, I have provided you with several of my favourite quick and easy fall décor ideas. Are you tempted to try any? I know I am. Which one will I make? Well, that’s a secret. You will just have to stay tuned to find out!

quick and easy fall decor

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