Dreaming Today…..


I know many of my blogging friends are enjoying Spring where they live.
Here, in Northern Ontario, there is no Spring. Lake Superior is still frozen and we are expecting more snow today!
So today I’m taking a trip down memory lane.
Since I can’t look out my window and see my beautiful Spring flowers,
or even remember what the flowers I had in my yard, I decided to check
out my photo album just to refresh my memory of what to expect.
I love this photo. My Dad made this birdhouse. I, and my children have so many birdhouses and yard ornament that my father had built for us.
I love the sweet simplicity of this one.

I love this photo because everyone of the flowers in this bouquet came from our own flower beds. That is wild Sweet Pea vining among the rocks.
I have to admit they are Summer flowers, not Spring flowers. No flowers
bloom where we live here on Lake Superior until June and those are the early flowers like crocus, daffodils, tulips, etc.
Well, I’ve had my flower fix now!
What Spring flowers are showing there face where you live?

23 thoughts on “Dreaming Today…..

  1. Our spring weather is here, but the winds have been so bad for the past 12 hours that our patio furniture has been blown across the yard and turned upside down.Mother Nature is doing her own thing all over the continent.


  2. My one hyacinth is blooming! Daffodils are in bloom. I feel that spring has finally arrived. The grass is growing and we both agreed that it would probably need mowing by next weekend. I enjoyed your photo trip down memory lane!


  3. Photos to remind you that spring will come, lovely pics,here our bulbs flower before any others,then are all finished by the time spring departs, and summer arrives.Not many flowers left here, autumn has arrived. Cheers from Jean


  4. Wow..more snow ; / But lots of pretty flowers to sift through and dream over. Everything beginning to bloom here. Though we begin every morning kind of over cast and gloomy recently, it eventually burns off to a gorgeous day! Enjoy yours..


  5. We are having spring weather now..a long time coming..but bless your heart, more snow, yikes. Your yard will be so pretty when winter leaves and you can see your beautiiful flowers growing again. I hope it's very soon too. xoxo,Susie


  6. Spring hasn't quite arrived here yet, either, but we are getting much closer now. We have buds on the daffodils, but they are not yet blooming. I enjoyed seeing your cheery flowers.


  7. Crocus! That's it!! And I have to go outside and around the house to see it. But that's all right. We still have snow drifts to melt here too. Your spring flowers back at your home are beautiful and you will get to enjoy them soon. Time will fly really fast as you know.


  8. Zip and nada here, Kim. I don't think I'll see daffodils before the end of April or first of May. I must say that the carnations I hung upon my door are still hanging in despite the cold, but then they keep those things in the refrigerator. Lovely wander down Memory Lane and I enjoyed seeing the flowers very much. I like the birdhouse, too!


  9. There are many of us as you said…WHO ARE READY FOR SPRING. PLEASE come !!!!!!still lots of snow here.Alberta is not really a “magical spring” province (ha ha)


  10. Kimberly,Winter snow and ice will eventually disappear. Living off of Lake Superior can make it very cold at winter. Keep posting these beautiful memory pictures and before you know it, spring/summer will be knocking at your door.


  11. You might not have Spring right now but when you do… it's wonderful.You have that true green and all the colorful flowers. And when you enjoy the sunshine, you really do enjoy every minute of it.Hope it comes soon!!


  12. Here in Winnipeg there are no flowers, but then you expected that, didn't you. Your flowers are very pretty, I need to look back at my flowers just to give me hope. It's a beautiful sunny day here, but it was -20 Celsius when I got up this morning!Hugs, Cindy


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